Dear Nintendo: We Want You To Make A Smartphone

With the announcement of the Razer Phone it seems as though one company is trying to step into another’s territory. That’s right Nintendo, we are talking to you. Nintendo, this should be you making the worlds first gaming phone. Stepping into new gaming territory is your game right? We’ve got Continue Reading

How To Beat The First 5 Metroids In Samus Returns

Nintendo’s remake of Metroid II has so far been proving to be both fantastic and challenging all at the same time. While we will have a review out soon, we wanted to post a guide to help out players who are new to the series that may not be used Continue Reading

Prepare For Battle With Amiibo Unlockables In Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Last week players finally got a chance to get their hands on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild! Players also were told that the game would be compatible with the Nintendo’s new Breath of The Wild Amiibos. What they may not have known is that the game is Continue Reading

How To Conquer The Dastardly Bombers In Super Bomberman R!

The Nintendo Switch launched yesterday with several titles that have pleased new and old players across the board but one in particular brought back lots of nostaligic feelings of classic gaming days from the SNES. No, we don’t mean you Zelda! We’re talking about Super Bomberman R today and giving Continue Reading

Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Is Exactly The JRPG You Never Knew You Wanted

… And It Turns Out, That’s A Good Thing. Normally, when you buy a game, you typically know what you are getting yourself into ….or at least we assume we do…In the case of Tokyo Mirage Session #FE however, I was thrown for a loop…..and it ended up being one Continue Reading