The Nintendo Switch launched yesterday with several titles that have pleased new and old players across the board but one in particular brought back lots of nostaligic feelings of classic gaming days from the SNES. No, we don’t mean you Zelda! We’re talking about Super Bomberman R today and giving you some helpful tips for defeating the game’s bosses because if we are being honest, these guys are HARD.

Authors note: This post is a work in progress until we complete the game and defeat all the bosses.

The first enemy you will face off against is Magnet Bomber. He is surprisingly difficult for a first world boss and is particularly hard to pin down due to his speed. The other part of the battle that makes things tough is the fact that his bombs are magnetic and can mess up your movement around the map by blocking you into a corner with no way out. That however, is the strategy you should try to stick with as well. He is quick but he can not kick, punch, or throw bombs so if you can manage to trap him into a corner with several bombs then you will be able to take him out. If you cant lay down at least 6 bombs however, you may just want to start the whole world over and rack up more available bomb count numbers. BUT THIS ISN’T EVEN HIS FINAL FORM. After you defeat him though, he achieves a transformation and becomes this mecha monster which is much easier.

That mecha spider monstrosity is Magnet Bomber’s FINAL FORM. Its also incredibly easy to beat. You just have to bomb his left hand. That’s it …. Seriously. I literally just ran around the map and set bombs wherever I wanted, creating fire walls everywhere and beat him that way. So take a deep breath and relax once you get to this part and enjoy the chaos.

Next up is Golem Bomber!

Golem Bomber is a little easier than Magnet was. In this battle he will lay bombs that you can’t move because they are so heavy but honestly while he is quick, he is REALLY big. Just throw bombs around and dodge your own explosions and you will probably end up stunning him with a throw and getting him stuck in an explosion. After this he turns into this giant robot base thing below.

This fortress can be both easy and difficult to beat all at once. The strategy here is you must bomb each of the lit up legs in order to get his head to drop down to the ground. After that, just bomb the head a few time and Golem Bomber will admit defeat.

Moving on to Phantom Bomber

Phantom Bomber Requires a similar strategy to Magnet Bomber’s in that you really just need to trap him into a corner somewhere. You could also try trapping him on the top ledge area in the back of the map but odds are if you do you will blow yourself up in the process. (Luckily the game gives you extra lives for those moments.) He has the ability to lay down phantom bombs that are merely bomb illusions but you can simply just walk through them in order to get rid of the allusion. Now normally the fear here would be that you would find a bomb that is not an illusion and is an actual bomb instead and be stuck, however, you can simply kick them out of the way and avoid danger, (and maybe actually take down Phantom Bomber with his own bomb if you are lucky. After this he transforms into his own Phantom Super Robo Mecha monstrosity.

This one is hard to take down if you don’t figure out what you need to do. Don’t waste any time trying to bomb the mech quite yet because it won’t do anything and you will get slash killed. It took me a little bit to figure it out but this battle is more of a puzzle than a battle. Mecha Phantom Bomber will drop laser beams from the sky in the circled areas that appear so you will want to dodge those for sure but in the mean time, use the jump platforms to jump up to where the film projectors are. They might look like decoration but they are actually the places you need to be blowing up. After you blow up all four film projectors the mech will change form and land on the ground and you can blow it to smithereens. It should take 5 or 6 bomb blasts and then Phantom Bomber will be down and out.

Now we have some musical time with Karaoke Bomber!

Karaoke Bomber pretty much follows the same pattern as the previous bombers in her first form. The motion detector bombs can spell the end for you though if you walk to close to them so pay attention to where you are going and don’t try to get fancy and kick her bombs back or anything spectacular.(Sonic was wrong, you do not gotta go faster!)  Just trap her in a corner with the your bombs and get out the blast zone and you should be ok … well … ok until …

She turns into this giant heart robot! This boss can actually prove to be pretty challenging and will take you down very quickly if you try to just throw bombs around and speed through the fight, even on easy mode. The goal here is to bomb those leaf/petals that she has around her. The easiest way is to wait until she does her attack that creates sort of a boxing arena on the map and just kick a bomb into blast radius of the leaves but you if you feel gutsy you can try to kick a bomb into her windmill of death attack that blows that giant wind attack at you and see if you can get your bomb to explode onto one of the leaves mid attack. Do not get close to her at all though and watch where you run on that ice! She will destroy you easily if you are super careless and just run around all over the map. Ice is no joke. You can slip on it and die here.

Now, Onto our final bomber … Plasma Bomber!

In case you havent guessed it yet, the corner of the map is your friend. Trapping Plasma Bomber in a corner is a little bit easier than the others in that he has bombs that he sets that go off at different times instead of the normal time frame for a bomb explosion. This is both helpful and dangerous in that while it does increase the chances of blowing him up with his own bomb if you manage to corner him, it also proves perilous given that you have no idea when the bombs will go off so you need to move away from his bombs as fast as you can. You can try to be cool and kick them or throw them but again, you might be setting yourself up for death with the variable explosion times. Despite all of that though, I found his first form pretty easy to take down. The second form on the other hand …

I wish this form was your ally. Its so cool looking. But alas Plasma Bombers Robo form is your enemy, and a tough one at that. Plasma Bomber can cause some major headaches in this battle given there is only one occasion where you can knock him out of the sky and you really can’t do anything but wait and dodge until he gives you the chance. You are waiting for his attack where he tries to punch you in his mech. When he attempts this attack you can bomb his fists and the explosion will cause damage to him and if you can do this about 3 or 4 times it will knock him down and give you the chance to bomb him to oblivion. That’s it. There really isn’t much else to this battle besides dodging all the other attacks.

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