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Dear Nintendo: We Want You To Make A Smartphone

With the announcement of the Razer Phone it seems as though one company is trying to step into another’s territory. That’s right Nintendo, we are talking to you. Nintendo, this should be you making the worlds first gaming phone. Stepping into new gaming territory is your game right? We’ve got a list of reasons why you should be doing this.

Just think about it. You are the king of Mobile gaming.

Nintendo, you have created more mobile gaming platforms than literally every other console producing company combined, and you have been the main innovators for people being able to play video games on the go for years. The one area in which you have been defeated is the smartphone gaming app market. That even, is only due to a lack of content and/or interest from Nintendo itself, not because the single game that was released isn’t played all the time. If you produced a phone, not only could you cash in on that market, but you also could start being innovators in that circle as well. You could be the ones shaping the smartphone device market for years to come. We all know that you love to push gaming in new directions and this market is one that has plenty of untapped potential for new direction.

You have a vast list of IP’s to choose from to base all of your independent apps from.

Not only could you start developing exclusive smartphone games that no one else would be able to use, you also could use some of the various nostalgic items from your games to name your systems and phones. Can you imagine what it would be like to be have one of your customers carrying around a phone called the Varia with an antivirus system called the Hylian shield. Your phones could have a G-diffuser processor. Need I go on? The nostalgia factor alone would be a partial selling point for people who have been playing your games for years.

The 3ds is reaching the end of its technological limits and a Smartphone capable of playing next gen handheld games would be a fantastic step for your next handheld console.

Let’s face facts. There isn’t much more the 3DS can do to keep up with other consoles. This becomes especially true when we consider how well the Nintendo Switch is doing. It seems that the 3DS is reaching the end of it’s life span and if you want to continue to produce a mobile gaming focused console, a cell phone is where you need to go next. Your technological capabilities would be FAR greater by producing a phone. The potential of innovation is greater by producing a phone. You would also be changing the gaming market yet again due to the simple fact that no other company has produced a gaming console that doubles as a cell phone successfully. I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t know what the technological issues that would arise would be. I do know that if you as a company are wanting to innovate, a phone that can play both app market games and full fledged console games would be a huge deal for gamers and if you produced such a device, you might be able to win over gamers by simply just having the true “Phone designed for gamers.”

Nintendo, If the time was ever right to do this, it’s now. You’ve got the success of the Switch to Drive you. You have the aged 3DS to motivate you. You have a new idea that no other company is fit to produce. You have more experience with mobile gaming than any other company. What more reason do you need? Do this Nintendo, and you could captivate a whole new market in a way that no one has ever done before.


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