Nintendo’s remake of Metroid II has so far been proving to be both fantastic and challenging all at the same time. While we will have a review out soon, we wanted to post a guide to help out players who are new to the series that may not be used to the mechanics. Metroid is extremely punishing to fresh players so here’s a few tips for getting past the first few Metroid’s that you will encounter.

Initially, Metroid’s will give you a run for the money but as you progress you will get used to fighting them. They feature a charging attack where they will ram at you with full speed. This attack takes out a fair chunk of damage from your health so you should avoid going head on with it. Once you have some of the movement mechanics down, you should be able to jump over the ramming attack fairly easily or you can counter it with the melee attack so long as it’s not charged with electricity. The initial Metroid that you battle won’t give you that issue and can be destroyed using just the missiles.

Later versions however will need some blasts from a charged up Ice Beam to defeat them. After a Ice Beam, they will be vulnerable to missile blasts under its belly. It will be fairly easy to see it’s vulnerable spot due to the ice that will be hanging off of it. Make sure to keep away from the bombs that they will drop as you try to line up shots. It shouldn’t take too many shots to destroy each of them. If you have been exploring and using your scan ability frequently, you should easily have enough missiles to defeat the Metroids.

Look out for more tips to help new players venture through Samus’ journey as we progress further through the game!

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