Last week players finally got a chance to get their hands on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild! Players also were told that the game would be compatible with the Nintendo’s new Breath of The Wild Amiibos. What they may not have known is that the game is also compatible with the older Legend of Zelda Amiibos and every single Amiibo from each varying set gives the player access to different items depending on the Amiibo! Thanks to the folks over at Pvplive who tipped us off to this, we have a list of some of the varying items for you, our readers.

Now this list was compiled originally at VG247 and is in the process of being updated as more things are found but here is what we have currently from the list.

Super Smash Brother Series Link: Epona (Yes, THE Epona,) various weaponry items, a piece of the Twilight Princess Link Costume, and food

Breath of The Wild Archer Link: Bow Items (Arrows, Bows, etc…,) food and materials

Breath of The WIld Horse Rider Link: Unique Horse Saddle, possibly will drop rare weapons and food.

8 Bit Link: A chest containing the classic link tunic, barrels for a bunch of food and rupees, or weapons

Ocarina of Time Link: Raw meat, a chest containing either a piece of the Legendary Ocarina of Time tunic, basic weapons, or the one and only Biggoron sword, (that’s right!)

Twilight Princess Wolf Link and Midna: Allow you to have Wolf Link show up as an ally to aid you in battle

Wind Waker Link (Smash Brother Toon Link has the same possible unlockables as well.): Fish or a chest that will contain either the Wind Waker Boomerang, A piece of the Wind Waker Armor, or other gear.

Breath of The Wild Zelda: A chest containing the Hylian shield, and plants for you to cook with

Super Smash Brothers Zelda/Sheik: Food for cooking and a chest that can contain rare weapons for cooking or Sheik’s mask and the Twilight Bow.

Wind Waker Zelda: Food for cooking and a chest containing various shields including the Hero’s Shield from Wind Waker

Super Smash Brothers Ganondorf: Cooking Materials and a chest that can contain rare weapons including his Sword of the Six Sages from Twilight Princess. You can literally beat him with his own weapon if you are lucky enough to get this.

Breath of The Wild Bokoblin: A chest with high power club weapons and meat.

Breath of The Wild Guardian: A chest containing rare items and weapons, not the least of which are ancient arrows. It may also drop food.
You can only scan each of these Amiibos once per day so try not to forget and miss out on an opportunity for some pretty cool and iconic rare items from across the Zelda timeline. (And opportunities to make your Breath of The Wild play through distinctly different from other players and different from your last play through!)

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