This past weekend featured tons of black Friday sales and today is cyber Monday. In the midst of all this you may have picked up a copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon so we wanted to give you a few pointers that make starting off the game a little bit easier.


1. For the easiest battles against Kahunas and early Totem Pokemon, choose Rowlett

If you are looking for which starter Pokemon is most fitted to get you through most of your early trials, you should join #teamrowlett. He can take down your first 2 kahunas with a type advantage and most of your trials on the first islands.


2. Catch a Cleffa

This actually has more to do with Clefable than it does for Cleffa. Clefable has this nifty ability called “Unaware” that allows it to ignore the opponents stat changes … and it applies to Totem Pokemon! This means their insta-buffs are completely ignored by Clefable when it battles them. Now it may be hard to figure out how to get access to this ability but if you can catch a Cleffa with the ability “Friend Guard” you will be able to evolve it into a Clefairy and then a Clefable. Friend guard early on might seem useless for the campaign but if you do evolve this all the way to Clefable it will prove to be an valuable ability later once it switches over to “Unaware.” “Friend Guard” Cleffas are a bit on the rare side though so we recommend SOS chaining in order to find one with the hidden ability. You can also find a Moon stone on Route 13 if you haven’t picked one up from the Poke Pelago by then.


3. Catch 2 Lillipups

In one of the early Pokemon Centers, you run into a trainer who wants to trade a Bounsweet for your Lillipup; You should do that. Bounsweet is also great for taking down Totem Pokemon for the same reason as Slowpoke. In addition to this, the traded Bounsweet will level up faster than your other Pokemon due to be a transferred Pokemon.


4. Go ahead and train up whatever Pokemon you catch from the start

The game starts you off with enough Pokemon to make a solid endgame team in the first 3 routes. Seriously, Gamefreak gives you access to Pikachu, Alola Grimer, Magnemite, Growlithe, Slowpoke, the 3 starters, Pikipek, and various other great choices right from the get go so I would not stress over a team when you start this game. You can pretty much catch anything and they will stay relevant for the whole game, minus maybe Alola Ratatta … I haven’t used it yet …


5. Many Pokemon, One Z Crystal

Here’s a little discussed fact: You can equip the same Z Crystal to multiple Pokemon. I mean it! Do you really like a specific Z move but don’t want to switch Pokemon every time to use it? Would it be really helpful if you didn’t have to switch Pokemon to use a specific attack (One that will super effective hit the final Pokemon on a Kahuna’s team)? This isn’t mentioned in the game, ( that I remember anyways) but it will in fact allow you to equip one Z Crystal to multiple Pokemon at the same time. This will give you more freedom to plan your attack out without having to pivot Pokemon as much. However this will use up the item slot for your Pokemon so be aware.


6. The first Island has Bagon

Yup, that’s right! You can start training up a Bagon pretty early on in the game. As soon as you have access to the Lapras ride feature, go ahead and go back to the meadow on the first island with the yellow flowers. Once you are there, when you go to the area in middle without flowers, travel left on the screen until you find a hole in the wall. This hole will allow you to crawl to a beach where you can surf across the water and find some grass that has A LOT of Bagon in it. Enjoy the endgame Salamence!


7. Take advantage of the Island Scan and QR codes

Now this one was a little weird and requires help from other people but its worth it. If you press X and go over on the menu screen to the next page of items, you will see something called the QR scanner. This scanner allows you to scan a QR code found in someone else’s Pokedex and gain some information about whatever Pokemon they have decided to show you. This is not only helpful for finding out where to catch certain Pokemon that friends and others have found, but it also gives you access to the Island Scan. Every time you scan a QR code you get a few points and once you have stored up enough points (100) you can activate Island Scan. This allows you to scan whatever Island you are on for Rare and often Powerful Pokemon that are otherwise unobtainable such as Totodile or Samurott (You heard me right…Wild Samurott.) This is another great tool to help you create a great team early on in the game. Especially since the level of the Pokemon are more dependent on the Island and area you are located (rather than the rarity and evolution level of the Pokemon.)


What about you guys? Are there any helpful tips for new players that you found? Let us know in the comments below!

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