“Guardians” Nails It Again…For The Most Part (The Spoiler-Free review)

Sequels to good movies are always difficult. Sequels to superb films are tougher and carry a different set of expectations. In the case of Guardians, your mental checklist most likely included the laughs and the story. And since it was so good, you likely want to know if the soundtrack Continue Reading

Stranger Things Could Get … Stranger

Usually when a 80’s paranormal or extraterrestrial show ended, that was that. You hit some climax and never saw how those characters grew up or handled their lives post-ordeal . However, a second season of Stranger Things actually offers some interesting possibilities. So let’s chat. What makes a second season Continue Reading

Comic Con Wrap: Major Trailer Drops and More

Hey Nerd Faithful, It’s Commander Shipp here giving you a Monday morning wrap up to Comic Con. It has been one of the most productive and exciting Cons when Hall H is getting bombarded with trailers and countless updates. With everything that happened this weekend, we’ll catch you up right Continue Reading