From The Makers Of Nasty Woman T-Shirts Comes The Nasty Feminist Card Game

The women over at Nasty Woman T-Shirt have been quite busy since they first launched their viral T-shirt business. While last year brought about the Nasty Woman T-Shirts, this year brings about their entry into the tabletop card game genre with the announcement of the game Nasty Feminist!

Turns Out The Rumors Were True. Gen III Is Coming For Halloween In Pokemon Go

After the Legendary Summer in Pokemon Go, players began to turn that their attention to the next desired major addition to the game, the 3rd generation of Pokemon from Hoenn. Naturally, this led to a lot of rumors being made that claimed to have inside information on the plans of Continue Reading

The Best Pokemon To Defeat Entei, Suicune, And Raikou

October marks the rotation of the Legendary Beasts, which means it’s time to get some new teams set up for the next beast that has come to your area! Here’s a helpful guide to which Pokemon are super effective against which Beast.

How To Beat The First 5 Metroids In Samus Returns

Nintendo’s remake of Metroid II has so far been proving to be both fantastic and challenging all at the same time. While we will have a review out soon, we wanted to post a guide to help out players who are new to the series that may not be used Continue Reading

Pokken Tournament Basically Mega Evolved And Only Got Better

Pokken Tournament releases tomorrow and fans and skeptics of the original entry are probably wondering to themselves “What’s the big deal?” As it turns out, Pokken Tournament DX is the Pokemon fighting game you never knew you always wanted while simultaneously also being the game you wished the Wii U Continue Reading

7 Things Goku Could Have Done Instead Of Recruit Frieza

It’s not secret that Dragonball Super has had an incredible amount of plot twists to keep the show interesting. Most of them have been pretty well received and elevated the show’s caliber even higher but I have a few qualms with the plot twist involving Goku’s most recent recruit. Most Continue Reading

Why The New Pokemon Go Gym Update Is Good For The Whole Game

Niantic recently released a TREMENDOUS overhaul to the gym battle system in game that pretty much changes everything except the actual battle techniques themselves. Many players are pretty excited for the update due to how great it is for the general game population but some have decided to vocalize some Continue Reading