After the Legendary Summer in Pokemon Go, players began to turn that their attention to the next desired major addition to the game, the 3rd generation of Pokemon from Hoenn. Naturally, this led to a lot of rumors being made that claimed to have inside information on the plans of Niantic and players began their frustrations with the false rumor mill being produced. Now normally, as a video game journalist, I encourage readers and players to ignore these rumors, as most of them are typically unfounded and just badly researched or just plain unresarched at all. I attributed the Halloween Gen III rumors to have the same problems due to Niantic’s tendency to be fairly tight lipped and fairly good at keeping their release info under wraps. Then John Hanke did an interview where he stated Gen III was coming soon and a data mined uncovered the next loading screen. So to you Internet I apologize. I was wrong. Gen III is coming very, very soon.

As seen in the above photo Gen III Pokemon will be coming this Halloween. It is currently unknown as to whether or not the new Pokemon being added are exclusively the ghost types from the Hoenn Pokedex but regardless, players can still look forward to having some Pokemon from a new generation to add to their Pokedex. It should be said that introducing the Hoenn Pokedex at Halloween is a smart move on Niantic’s part due to the number of ghost types being more than doubled in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald versions and the Halloween time of year is absolutely appropriate to both produce hype and continue a great flow of fun events in the game. Events have been one of the finer and more successful points in the game so players should expect to see some fun bonuses like last year such as candy bonus or exp bonuses. No other information has been officially confirmed by Niantic yet but it seems likely that we can expect to hear something from them within the next week regarding an upcoming Halloween event. In the meantime, stock up on lucky eggs and Pokeballs and get ready to have some spooky nights hunting down some new Pokemon with your friends!


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