It’s not secret that Dragonball Super has had an incredible amount of plot twists to keep the show interesting. Most of them have been pretty well received and elevated the show’s caliber even higher but I have a few qualms with the plot twist involving Goku’s most recent recruit. Most of them being that Goku is in fact … a big dummy.

It should be noted that several of these points rely on the powers of Shenron … but its Dragonball Super so the dragonballs should be an expected plot device.

1.) Bardock

While Goku probably knows nothing of his father’s legendary exploits, he does know that there was a Super Saiyan 1,000 years before him. He could easily have wished for this Super Saiyan to assist them in battle.


2.) Android 16

Yup. He’s dead but you know who else was dead? Freiza! And look where we are now with this show! If Goku could bring Frieza back then he could easily have wished back 16. 16 is far more reasonable and friendly than Frieza and if the battle prowess of Androids 17 and 18 is any indicator, then we can expect that 16 would have been quite the powerhosue for the universe 10 team

3.) Future Uub!

We know that Uub exists in Dragonball Super but he currently is far too young to assist in the tournament … but his future self is not! Goku easily could have wished for the future Uub to come and assist the team in the tournament. This also brings me to my next possible warrior.

4.) Future Trunks

We just had a great plot arc involving Future Trunks and we know he reached a new level of power after that arc was said and done. Why didn’t any of the Z warriors think to ask him for help!??!! Future Trunks has recruited the team to help him out before yet no one thought to either travel to the future to get his help or to wish for him to be sent to their time?

5.) Pikkon

Going back to deceased fighters, why did no one think to recruit Pikkon? There is no way Pikkon is too weak to battle in the tournament given his previous prowess as a martial artist. I can’t imagine that Pikkon would have been just sitting there twiddling his thumbs since his battle with Goku so why not reach out to Pikkon and see if he could help. Pikkon was a fantastic fighter and kept Goku on his toes the whole match and would probably easily be able to take out many of the combatants we have seen so far in the Tournament of Power.

6.) Ok but seriously, why not Yamcha?

Yeah, Yeah we get it. “Haha, Yamcha is weak and can’t fight and gets destroyed more than Krillin!’ The joke was made, but we never seriously got a reason as to why Yamcha was not recruited. He even states how he has been training a lot lately, so why was his training just glossed over and not even considered. Sigh. However, we have one more REALLY OBVIOUS idea Goku could have done with the Dragon Balls.


You have Shenron! Why not just ask Shenron to wake up Buu??? You’re telling me that Buu’s sleep cycle is so deep that not even Shenron could wake him up??? C’mon y’all, isn’t Bulma at least supposed to be like, a genius or something???

8.) Mr. Popo!

If there is one person you don’t want to be on the wrong side of, it’s Popo. Mr. Popo is clearly the most powerful and frightening thing in the Dragonball universe and … ok, ok, we are just kidding with this one but we felt we needed to tip the hat to DBZ abridged for a moment here for all they have done. But seriously, don’t talk about Popo’s training ….

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