Trainers everywhere have been having a blast battling and capturing Legendaries across the world over the past few days! As it turns out Niantic apparently made a fantastic recovery from the Chicago Pokemon Go fest and has provided a great experience for players across the world to finish off the Anniversary Celebrations. Yet, one question lingers in players minds. When will we start seeing Zapdos and Moltres? Well trainers, Nerd Union has your answer.

According to a blog post directly from Niantic themselves, Moltres and Zapdos are coming literally within the next few weeks. Moltres will be released from July 31st until Monday, August 7th and Zapdos will be available from Monday August 7th until Monday August 14th. It is important to note that Articuno will be gone after the 31st of July so go ahead and try to get in as many raids as you can to capture the legendary bird of Ice. Lugia seems to be the Bird that will remain throughout all of this and perhaps even after. As for what other legendary Pokemon will become available after these dates … well we have no official word from anyone but perhaps more will be unveiled as later summer Pokemon Go events occur. (Perhaps the other Bird that was missing from the events … HO-OH!)

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