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From The Makers Of Nasty Woman T-Shirts Comes The Nasty Feminist Card Game

The women over at Nasty Woman T-Shirt have been quite busy since they first launched their viral T-shirt business. While last year brought about the Nasty Woman T-Shirts, this year brings about their entry into the tabletop card game genre with the announcement of the game Nasty Feminist!

Nasty Feminist is a card game designed around comedy, strategy, and sparking up good conversation. Many of its cards are designed as such that players can come up with their own answers to the various scenarios presented, instead of being pigeonholed into premade responses and strategic options. The game is also set with modern issues of the current era and the various cards in the game bring up many of these talking points for you and other players in the process of play.

As you can see from the above image, the game features a diverse array of cards, keeping the game varied from turn to turn and also preventing it from being a “who is the funniest player” style game. The various other cards such as deck shuffling and visionary add a unique strategic element, as well as keeping the “random chaotic fun” that can come from card style games. In addition, the “Trumped” card can spell death to a player unless they have a “Nasty Feminist” card. “Nasty Feminist” cards can be traded in to save a player from an instant loss but also feature women who have changed American history. This serves as another highlight of the game in that it educates players about influential women in American history that they otherwise may not have known about.

The various cards in game feature unique artwork for each card as well, keeping the game from having a static feel to it. I make note of this in particular because it’s an underrated aspect of various games that can be easily overlooked but when done well, and makes a huge difference in the overall tone of the game. Compare various card games’ artwork against one another and you may start to see how much the art of a game sets the atmosphere of that particular game and sets it apart against similar titles of the same style.

Nasty Feminist isn’t actually available quite yet however. It currently is in a Kickstarter campaign that finishes up soon but should you find yourself interested in the game, you can support the title and find out more information here or on any of the above images. Nasty feminist is due to launch sometime in January of 2018 so players wont have too long to wait before they can hold games of Nasty feminist in their own homes.

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