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Jessica Jones Teaser drops

We now know the date for release, November 20, and we get to see our first look at Marvel and Netflix’s new series! I can’t wait! Check out the trailer below. [youtube]

The 5 Most Epic Deaths of Sean Bean

So we all know that Sean Bean, the famous English actor, has a penchant for shedding the mortal coil by the time the end credits roll. Most of this is due to much of his career portraying iconic villains in the early nineties, aka the heyday of villains dying epic…

Can The Real Colbert Please Stand Up?

By Kenneth Shipp Yes, indeed he can. It’s been 9 months since we last encountered Stephen Colbert playing “Stephen Colbert” and it seems he hasn’t lost any of the mojo. But for those expecting the “narcissistic conservative” hero from Comedy Central, you’ll just have to settle for the “narcissistic” version…

6 Movies That Would Not Be As Good Without Their Composers

The soundtrack of a film really helps to flesh out a scene in a movie and paint it in such a way that you as an audience gain the same experience that our characters in a movie are experiencing, or rather when done well that becomes the case. There are,…

Please, No More Jurassic Park

I’m tired of Jurassic Park, there I said it. Wow, that was actually easier than I thought it was going to be. Guess I can just move on to other things. Wait, you want an explanation? Alright but you asked for it.