We are back this week with the next entry into our tips for Final Fantasy XV with the tips for Chapter 3! Chapter 3 has some interesting points to it and does even more to make you love the characters of this game so lets just jump right in!

This chapter has you hunting down another one of the Royal Arms, doing a fair bit of spelunking in the process. So let’s get started

1.) Start learning your Elemancy!

Magic proved to be incredibly helpful for the grand majority of this chapter. If you have the elemental energy and the items then go ahead and start playing around with the Elemancy system if you haven’t. You can create a lot of useful damaging and healing items in the process. (Yes, you can do both at the same time with this system.) As you run through the caves containing the next Royal Arm you will end up needing some healing long term and the ability to damage a whole set of foes while simultaneously healing yourself is not to be underestimated.


While last chapter was not a great opportunity to upgrade your weapons and accessories, this chapter gives you access to a significant boost in weapon strength for all of Noctis and all of his allies. Hit up the shop in Lestallium to purchase new weapons and even gain some with elemental affinities to help you further exploit your enemies weaknesses.

3.) Cluster quest!

This chapter features a lot of quests that are all within fairly close proximity to each other. Take advantage of this fact. The various side quests in this game can be rather time consuming at times but this is a great opportunity to get a large amount of exp and money quicker than you normally would. These quests are also fairly close to Lestallium which has an inn that gives you a cheap 1.5 multiplier on your exp when you rest there. If you are feeling a little low leveled, this is a great opportunity to try to catch back up

4.) Midgardsormr

During part of the main quest you will come across a giant snake that tunnels underground and attacks you and your allies. You have 2 options in choosing how to get past this giant scary snake. You can either fight it … or … in the words of Piccolo … DODGE. Get past the scary snake and RUN AWAY. Now granted, if you have followed my previous advice and chosen to use the Gauldin Quay to your advantage and leveled yourself fairly quickly then you may actually be able to take this enemy on. If you haven’t done so, then you should definitely not try to fight this thing and get past it and move on to the rest of the quest. If you still feel confident enough to fight it then my all means go ahead and try but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

That’s all we’ve got for ya for this chapter. Good luck adventuring!

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