Welcome to chapter 2 of our Final Fantasy XV tips and tricks guides! This part features, you guessed it, Chapter 2 of Final fantasy XV!

This set will be a little bit shorter due to the straight foward nature of Chapter 2 this will be a shorter post so lets get started.

1.) Use Cor to your advantage

During this chapter the game gives you help in the form of a member of the Crownsguard named Cor. He is much more powerful than any of your other party members and you should take advantage of that fact. He shows up as you take on some Magitek soldiers before you enter into one of the King’s tombs. Normally some of the lvl 30 + enemies and giant mechs much be a bit much for Noctis and the gang at this point in the game, (assuming you didn’t use the exp trick I mentioned in my last guide.) However, since the game gives you such a powerful character in your party, go head on with these foes for as long as he is with you and you will find them to be fairly easy to take on. They also provide a nice boost to your exp pool as well.

2.) Make sure to rest at some sort of inn before meeting up with Cor the 2nd time

You actually get Cor in your party for two separate quests but at the end of the 2nd quest the whole chapter ends and you are forced to cash in all your exp in your exp bank, thus missing out on any opportunity you would have had to gain any bonuses. Just a minor hint but make sure to rest up somewhere that will help you level up faster before you begin this part of the story.

3.) The Royal Arms are actual weapons now

If you played the platinum demo, you will remember that you gained access to the royal arms weapons via the Armiger arsenal. In actual Final Fantasy XV the Royal Arms are also actual weapons. This may have been me just missing the obvious but I didn’t realize you could actually wield the royal arms as normal weapons in combat. This does take a bit of a toll on your hp to do but the trade off is for some MASSIVE damage to your enemies and is worth it.

Good luck questing adventurers!

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