Final Fantasy XV has been out for a few days now and some of you may be picking it up this weekend. We wanted to create a little bit of a helpful set of guides to get you through your journeys without spoiling too much for you so here are our tips and tricks for Final Fantasy XV.

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Scraps of Mystery

After you leave Hammerhead and meet the leader of the Hunters at the station in between Hammerhead and Golden Quay, take a moment before you leave to find a map sitting on the ground next to the tables. This will activate the “Scraps of Mystery” questline and give you a general area to go search for a piece of a treasure map in. The map piece is a bit tricky to find since its literally just sitting on the ground. Luckily there is another landmark nearby to help you find it. In the designated area you will find a treasure spot that is marked on the map. Directly next to this treasure spot is the map piece you are looking for. See the above photo for the exact rocks.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161129155456

Only Cash in Exp at the Golden Quay

If you will notice in the photo above, underneath each character is a status circle. This gives little tidbits of information about what buffs are on your Characters and their max HP and such. There is also the circle that can fill up that surrounds each of their levels. This is the Exp bar. Interestingly enough, it does not fill any after each battle or quest. Instead the bar only fills up whenever your character takes some time to rest and sleep. Underneath where it says Exp is sort of an Exp bank and the number in the bank determines how much exp you will cash in on when you rest. One of the most efficient ways to do this however is to only cash in on it when you can rest at a more formal hotel or trailer. These provide Exp bonuses for resting at those locations instead of a campsite and will give you more bonuses the fancier the location you go to. If you can handle waiting to rest and cash in on your other quest exp until you finish the quest the journalist gives you at the Golden Quay you will get a 2x Exp bonus and level up far quicker than if you had rested at campsites on the way there.

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Do the tutorial

Thats Basically it. The game doesn’t really teach you the basics during the story so completing the tutorial it offers before you start the game will greatly help you in not dying in the adventure before you. It also will probably will help you enjoy the game more in the long run.

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Don’t immediately sink points into combat tree.

When the game teaches you about the Ascension menu it starts you off in the Combat Tree. Personally I found it more helpful to jump over a couple of trees and invest points in increasing my health instead. It in fact led to more survivability since I already knew how to fight well.


Seriously, don’t drive at night unless you make some blizzard spells and are good at spellcasting

In chapter 1, Ignis tries to warn you about Daemons being out at night and how driving at night is a bad move. HE IS RIGHT! Listen to him. If you ignore him, you will run into Bomb enemies and maybe even an Iron Giant and they are about 10 levels higher than you are and will destroy you … Unless you happen to have some Blizzard magic on hand … then you MIGHT survive. But good luck. You are better off just finding other things to do like farming resources.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161129173151
FINAL FANTASY XV_20161129173151

In the Golden Quay you will find a cat that triggers a quest line to get it some food … Because Noctis is a nice guy like that. Specifically its the cat in the above photo. DO IT! This quest gives you a whole lot of Exp for something as simple as giving a cat some food and its a fairy easy one that gives you a good tutorial of fishing, which comes in handy later on.

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