We’ve got our tips for Chapter 4 of Final Fantasy XV ready to help you get through what ends up being a pretty epic chapter in the game. So lets get started

1.) Stack up on some blizzard Elemancy!

Last chapter we told you to start familiarizing yourself with the Elemancy system. This chapter proves to show how important that tip actually is. I want to do this without spoiling the whole chapter for you but I will say that the blizzard spell proves to be INCREDIBLY helpful this chapter and will save you a lot of hurt if you make sure to stock up on it.

2.) Finish all your quests and hunts before you head out with Ardyn from the outpost

You start the chapter off following Ardyn to your next objective. At one point you will stop at an outpost to rest. Before you leave make sure you finish up any quests or hunts you were hoping to get done soon. You WILL NOT be able to easily get back to those locations quickly after this quest. I won’t tell you what happens or why this is, but I HIGHLY advise you to finish up your unfinished business before moving forward.

3.) Invest AP points in passive AP gains

I guess this is more for last chapter’s tips but it is equally applicable for this chapter as well. I assume you have been leveling fairly well in the game so I advise using some of your AP points to focus on the skills that will increase your AP for common actions that you would do just as a normal part of the game. It may seem like small gains for AP when using Elemancy or driving or Chocobo rides, but I can assure you that they add up fairly quickly if you keep doing those things. This chapter provides an excellent opportunity for passive AP gains using some of those skills.

4.) Have patience and do not use any fire weapons!

The Ice spear and Ice shield are your friends this chapter but honestly, you will want to just have patience in the boss fight this chapter. A lot of the battle will involve excellence with your ability to block when given a prompt to and then follow up with a good strong parry afterwards. This process will repeat itself for some time until the rest of your party shows up. After this the battle becomes fairly simple if you are using your ice weapons and spells and can be finished up pretty quickly. Just watch out for that AoE when you use the spells.

Good luck adventurers!

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