We’re smack in the middle of the holiday season and with that comes more time off of work, eating copious amounts of pie, and my personal favorite, getting quickly burned out on family and trailing off into the endless wonders of my own mind.  As I immersed myself in the latter I combined it with another tradition: consuming random articles on the internet (looks like all of you reading this had the same idea and for that I thank you.)  In doing so, two specific subjects seemed to come up frequently as I scrolled and clicked away and those were: The Election, subsequent things that have followed, and … Star Wars.  No worries about another ranting political article here!  I only bring good tidings as we go inside a dream scenario that can only be the result of boredom and growing up an only child.  This wonderful situation would greatly impact our favorite galaxy far, far away. I give you Emperor…Han Solo!

First off, yes I do realize he’s dead (not sorry for the spoiler because if you haven’t seen Episode 7 yet then you’re not a true fan and poop out of luck.)  Now it seems farfetched to think about Han ever taking on that kind of role due to his rogue-ish nature and reluctance to take on leadership.  However, how freaking awesome is it to imagine one of the greatest characters in cinematic history as the person responsible for running the entire show!

And the notion didn’t stop there. Since the country just had an election and a brand new cabinet is being chosen, how would Han run the Empire if it were similar to how the President of the United States does America and who would some of his top advisors be? (BTW: Han is totally a Teddy Roosevelt, right!?)

Here’s 5 things I think we would see in a Han Solo run Empire would look like with a little presidential twist:

    1. Guaranteed that the Millennium Falcon is basically his Air Force One. There’s no way that Han just sits back in a suite on a Star Destroyer and chills. It’s just not his style. First leader ever to fly himself across the galaxy for meetings and diplomatic affairs.
    2. No fancy robes or crowns for this Emperor!  I would love to have seen Han Solo conducting Senate meetings, rocking the leather vest, feet kicked up on the podium with his pistol strapped to his waist.
    3. Obviously he’d have a pretty badass First Lady in Leia.  Every good leader needs a strong spouse or significant other by their side to support and motivate them.  Well who better to fit that role than Leia Organa who would actually make an impressive Emperor herself. Plus, what First Lady can ever say they killed a large worm creature with a chain while wearing a metal bikini? (In your face Eleanor Roosevelt!)
    4. Han does have the ability, like most politicians, to make “questionable” back room deals as well.  As the premier smuggler in the galaxy he’s had to interact with very nefarious characters.  So if there’s something that needs to be done by the Empire that isn’t exactly of reputable nature, then he can contact one of his less than upright acquaintances to take care of it for him.
    5. He would be one of the few leaders that would legitimately take down a potential assassin on his own (He should honestly should just carry a picture of Greedo lying face down on the table in the cantina with him just to show people what happens if you try to take him out.)

Now this is what I think some members of Han’s cabinet would be and their positions:

Secretary of State: Lando Calrissian – other than Chewie, Leia and Luke, Lando is arguably the person Han trusts the most. He’s an easy pick for Secretary of State. Plus is there any more of a smooth talker than Lando? I think not.

Secretary of Defense: Admiral Ackbar – So he could’ve also gone with Lando or Chewie here but I think Admiral Ackbar is a great choice because he’s a little more pragmatic than Han and with his vast battle experience he would be able to guide the Empire through many battle scenarios.

Head of Secret Service: Luke Skywalker – To me this is a no brainer. I know that Chewbacca would also be a good choice but I had different role in mind for him.  Having the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy over your protection detail AND the fact that he can train other Jedi to be a part of it as well.  As tough as Han is, it never hurts to have someone with Jedi skills looking after you.

White House Chief of Staff: Chewbacca – Han’s best friend and most trusted advisor needs to be in the position closest to him.  Obvious position for Chewie.

So I hope this little exploration helped you get through a small part of your day and got you thinking about other scenarios such as this or even more individuals that you think could be added to the leadership of Han’s Empire.

And most importantly…only 1 day away from Rogue One!


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