Nerd Union is moving into a new era. Times have changed, and it’s time for Nerd Union to change with them. We love writing content for you. We love providing news and editorial designed for the everyday nerd, but in order to move into this new and improved phase for Nerd Union, we have to change the way we do business.

If you’ve been following us since 2015, you’ll see that new ticker at the bottom. Nerd Union has decided to adopt a subscription model. There are a litany of reasons why we’ve decided to move to this, but the most basic and important reason is that in order for us to provide this content on a regular basis and to improve the quality of our journalism we have to be solvent. Real News takes time and money. News that adds value to your day takes days, months, or even years to make it happen. As a reader, you may only spend ten to twenty minutes reading an article, but it took weeks for that writer to put it together. This model will allow us to focus on three things.

Quality Reviews: We don’t believe in “reviews in progress” posts. We don’t believe in reviewing something you haven’t finished. For instance, we won’t write a review of a video game until we’ve completed it. It’s not fair to the reader, or the creators, to not give their games a fair shake.We aren’t concerned about our articles being out first, we are concerned with our articles being the best.
Quality Analysis: We aren’t interested in throwing out 15 blog posts a day based on dubious inferences and fan theories. We aren’t interested in churning out low quality shitposts. We are here to provide you our honest opinions, but they are opinions based on facts and experiences, and they’re honest. We don’t manufacture a viewpoint for clicks, and we refuse to add to the hyperbolic internet noise that’s become so common in the blogosphere.
Quality News: We believe in news with integrity. News can be a powerful force for change and for accountability. Although we have zero plans to join the ranks of political or civic journalists, we do intend on taking our sector of society seriously. We aim to hold people and companies accountable for their various wrongs. We will report news to you about the products and content you love. We will do interviews with creators and artists. We will do profiles on the personalities and companies shaking up the sector, but most of all you’ll get true verified news.

News is important, and a critical part of how society functions. In our space, it’s critical to know if you’re being manipulated by unscrupulous marketers and blogs that don’t bother to verify if what they’re saying is true. To do this, Nerd Union needs you to partner with us. Soon we will be rolling out plans for different tiers of subscriptions (all including digital access to the site)and a kickstarter to help us prove out a rewards concept for our readers. In the meantime, enjoy the $5 flat fee to access the site as many times as you want. Go back and dig through our archives. Join our forum and start up a conversation. Email us stories you’d like to see, or any way in which you feel like we could improve. We love hearing from our readers. Be a part of our community. We’d love to have you. LLAP.

— James Nelson, CEO

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