For those who haven’t heard, Ditto has come out of hiding.

Last night while writing an article I noticed an interesting post from Kotaku that featured a story about someone whose Magikarp had turned into a Ditto. Now in Pokemon Go, we have had blunder’s of accidental gifting of rare Pokemon and stories of people who hacked into the phone to alter images and make certain Pokemon appear to be caught that were not actually caught, so I took the post with a grain of salt when I saw it. But lo and behold as I attempted to get some extra stardust by catching a Rattata later on that evening this happened.


And suddenly BAM my rattatta was a Ditto!


Now currently, the rumors are that Ditto is only masquerading as Pidgey’s Rattata and Magikarp but we will keep you updated if that changes. In the mean time, it looks like its time to dust off the game and get back at catching every Pokemon you can find again. As an added bonus, a new event has started giving both double XP and stardust so if you manage to not find a ditto, at least you have gained more stardust and xp than normal.

Oh, and those lucky eggs give out 4x XP for the duration of the event. (Which is November 23-30th.)

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