Today I Thought I would feed the community a few video games that can fill that gap in your day between breakfast and work. Keep reading for my top 10 games that you can get on, get off, and have a good time playing… even if only for a few minutes at a time.

boi1) The Binding of Isaac – One of the greatest games ever played. The Binding of Isaac has hundreds of items that can get combined in billions of ways. It is an incredibly challenging roguelike that plays as if you were always in the boss levels of the original NES Zelda. The best part, it saves instantly at the beginning of each room, so you can play for 30 seconds, get off, and still have made progress… literally.

maxresdefault-12) 140 – A game of sound, color, and platforming. In 140 the game plays music and changes with the beat. Learning the beat of the song is crucial to making your next move. Entertaining and attractive, each stage only takes a handful of minutes to complete.

kings-pass3) Brawlhalla – Think of Brawlhalla like a less fun, but more available version of Super Smash Bros. Free to play on steam and easy to join, Brawhalla is a non-scrolling platform based fighting game that you can jump on and start kicking butt within moments.

3045247-hyperlightdrifter2016-03-3021-58-44-744) Hyperlight Drifter – This games is weird. You play a pixelated man, who constantly coughs up blood, zipping around collecting items and learning new attacks. Top down view with a very original style, Hyperlight Drifter is simple to learn but challenging to play through.

7267585) Faster Than Light – In FTL you play as the overseer for a starship racing through the galaxy. You fight, search, and rescue while trying to survive. Managing oxygen, putting out fires, and dealing with mantis people boarding your ship make FTL extremely hard to beat, but a whole lot of fun. The best part? A roguelike game like this ends quick and is fun every time.

king_conga6) Crypt of the Necrodancer – One of the strangest premises for a game ever made, Necrodancer combines your classic overhead dungeon crawler with dance dance revolution. You must crawl in beat with the song in the background; fail and you can’t move, succeed enough in succession and you get a bonus. Think you mastered the game? With around 10 characters to play as with massively different handicaps, Necrodancer can keep you dance fighting for months, 30 minutes at a time.

taalh-review-screen-27) The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human (We’ll call it AALH for short) – AALH is a surreal underwater experience. You are the last human exploring an earth where all icecaps have melted and the world is underwater. A discussion on environmental responsibility? A sidescrolling, open world adventure? A submarine game where you fight giant crabs, octopi, and worms? Yes.

guacamelee_28) Guacamelee – A luchador combo fighting puzzle game where you can transform into a chicken in a race to save the girl!?!? Please play this game. Hilarious flavor, smooth controls, and complex puzzels keep Guacamelee on many top 10 lists.

rocketleague_29) Rocket League Soccer (The game formerly known as super acrobatic rocket powered battle cars) – A game many people have 1000’s of hours in. Rocket League is a skill-based soccer game played with rocket powered cars. Fly, flip, and spin your way to victory in this game with 5-minute matches. Got 4 hours? Great! Got 10 minutes? Great!

capture710) Shovel Knight – Shovel Knight will remind you of the good old days… of Megaman, Link, and Mario. Shovel Knight recreates every classic 8 to 16-bit sidescroller and does it perfectly. Minimal controls and great artwork, this game will make you smile from beginning to end.

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