Overwatch is easily one of the most hyped, if not THE most hyped game of 2016. That being said, before you pick up the game there’s a few things you need to know………..

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160525165231

1.) See this menu? That’s all you get (But Winston is pretty cool.)

I personally have not understood a lot of the hype for this game but nonetheless the hype exists for Overwatch. But seriously this menu displays everything there is to do in the game…which isn’t really a whole lot of content for the price of $60 for the console version or even $40 for the PC one


Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160525165221

2.) When you do choose play, you can’t select what type of map…or choose anything besides your Hero

So when you do try to enter into a game, it sets you into the menu above and after this there is no picking the type of game or map, only choosing a hero and that’s it on anything you get to pick. Also, I’ve only actually found 2 game mode types so far: Capture points and a game mode where you escort a package across the map.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160525165356

3.) Training mode actually gives a decent amount of options for ways to learn the game

I was actually rather surprised when I went into the tutorial mode and found that it gave you more than just one option for learning. The tutorial is actually very helpful as well and does a good job of getting all the logistics of gameplay under your fingers


Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160525165346

4.) None of the characters have stories…or bios

Thats all. They are fun to play and really cool looking but there isn’t any depth to them or plot…because there is no story in this game…..a game that costs $60……but they do have some cool alternate outfits and stuff.


Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160525180727

5.) Overwatch is fun

Despite the lack of actual depth and content most games have these days, Overwatch can still be a fun game to be played and the characters are quite varied in their playstyle. So varied that its actually more beneficial to change up characters in the middle of a match to assure your team’s victory….just maybe wait for a price drop before you pick it up ok?

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