It’s no secret that Mega Evolution has been a game changing mechanic in the Pokemon franchise. (Literally, its been used as a plot device!) However, despite all the fun we’ve been having there seem to be more than a few pokemon who have been tossed to the wayside and lost their edge since the mega stones’ inclusion.


1.) Dragonite

This guy was the original dragon threat and despite having some interesting strategies, could still use a mega evolution to keep up with the current competitive fairy-centric environment. Besides who doesn’t want to see how Gamefreak decides to figure out the name of the Dragoniteite stone!


2.) Muk

Muk is literally walking sludge and it’s terrifying. The game needs more poison type mega Pokemon and it would be cool to see how they decide to actually make Muk into something different seeing how its currently just a bigger version of its previous evolution, Grimer. Not to mention the fact that it has a pretty diverse moveset on top of being quite beefy and having access to minimize. There are lots of tools for Gamefreak to make Muk terrifying with.


3.) Eevee

Eevee is the EVOLUTION POKEMON… we need more reason to give it its own overpowered evolution! Yes it can evolve into most types but wouldn’t it be fitting to see Mega Eevee be an extremely powerful version of its original form!


4.) Golem

In X and Y, two of the original trade based evolutions received a Mega evolution. It only seems fitting for Golem to receive one as well and perhaps bring new life to an old favorite.


5.) Machamp

For the same reasons as Golem above, Machamp deserves a Mega Evolution….well that and all those muscles…..


6.) Crobat

MORE WINGS! But seriously, Crobat is already legit and one of my own personal favorites. I would love to have a Mega Crobat that can use its already insane levels of speed with more power than normal Crobat can. Perhaps give it its own cool special ability like aerilate or something ….that actually would be terrifying…..and awesome.

100 percent zygarde

7.) Zygarde

I know, I know…this is actually 100 percent Zygarde but come on guys, are we ever actually gonna get to use this thing without it being tied to a Mega Stone? Maybe so but until we actually get to see this in a game I’m gonna hold out for it being tied to a Mega Stone or some item fusing all the Zygarde Cores together


8.) Butterfree

If Beedrill gets a Mega Stone SO SHOULD BUTTERFREE! Now granted, I have no idea how to design a Mega Butterfree….but it would be cool to see Butterfree be ripping holes through people’s teams in competitive environments……..and hilarious


9.) Raichu

Raichu doesn’t get enough attention or credit for being as cool and good of a Pokemon as it is. Plus, tons of people like Raichu and in a world where Pikachu and even it’s pre evolution, Pichu, gets more love than the final evolution, it seems entirely appropriate to finally give Raichu its day in the sun…..GET IT….SUN???? (watch Gamefreak put Raichu’s Mega Stone in Moon version just because I said that….)


10.) Solrock

Hmm….Pokemon Sun…seems appropriate….FOR POKEMON MOON VERSION….jk. But seriously, it would be very odd for the new games to be called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon and then not at least include and alternate form or something for the two SUN AND MOON POKEMON….speaking of which.


11.) Lunatone

Like I said….SUN AND MOON


12.) Starmie

I apparently think the OG generation needs some Mega love but Starmie is such an interesting type that it sets itself up for all sorts of interesting strategies, especially with being able to at least deal neutral damage to EVERY TYPE IN THE GAME. It already even hits hard and fast in the first place, why not give it an ability to capitalize on that damage and then increase its damage power and make it a bigger threat? Plus the whole “jeweled star of the ocean” thing seems like it could fit into a game with a title as mystical as Sun and Moon.

Think I missed a few? Let me know in the comments below!


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