Netflix’s Dad of Light is Surprisingly Delightful

Final Fantasy 14: Dad of Light hit Netflix last month, featuring a heart-tugging narrative of a young man, Akio, trying to reconnect with his father through their shared love of Final Fantasy. This Japanese drama is sweet, clean, and the appropriate amount of campy, featuring the growth of both Akio Continue Reading

A Hearty Entry Into The Kingdom Hearts Series: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Review

It’s been a while since we have posted any game reviews here at Nerd Union but we decided to kick off out year or game reviews right by reviewing a game that actually features 2 games in it. (And a short movie too!) It’s our review of Kingdom Hearts HD Continue Reading

Talisman: It Really is a Magical Quest

Let’s make this easy, if you are a fan of board games, dungeon crawlers, variety, replayability, D&D, or not just staring at your wife for two hours when she says “entertain me!”, go out and get a copy of Talisman, from Fantasy Flight Games. If you haven’t heard of Talisman, Continue Reading