Its been a few days since the servers of Blizzard’s latest title “Overwatch” have been flooded with gamers who have been looking forward to this title for months. With summer coming and students having tons of time to play, it would seem the time is ripe to review this greatly anticipated title. So lets get started have a lookOverwatch is loaded with tons of players and 21 heroes who are a ton of fun to play as and features a beautiful scenery to play in as well. So lets discuss the 3 crucial aspects that compose a game, Gameplay, Graphics, and Story.


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1.) Gameplay

Gameplay in any shooter game these days has to get creative to make itself stand out above the crowd and Overwatch definitely succeeds in this department. Every single hero feels unique and completely different from each of the other heroes. They all play with their own style and strategies that don’t feel generic in the slightest and you will quickly find your own favorites among the roster. Another point the game hits well is in not locking you into one specific hero for the entire match. The reason this is such a favor to the game is because of how, well, unsuited certain heroes can be in certain situations. If your initial team composition is bad then rather than spelling out certain doom for your team you are instead allowed to switch out heroes in the middle of a battle and try to do whatever you can to even the odds of the playing field. In addition, for the most part the controls of the game feel pretty fluid except for the fact that most heroes lack the ability to sprint or zoom in on their weapons. Those two elements might seem like small things but they are definitely noticeable missing elements. (Although, the lack of sprint is more noticeable than the lack of zoom.) That being said the character abilities and fast pacing of the game are an attempt to make up for those missing pieces and they sometimes succeed in that attempt.



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2.) Graphics

Dang, for a cartoon this game is drop dead gorgeous. From the scenery to the character models to even the various projectiles fired from your weapons this game’s visuals ooze quality. Each level features a different part of the world and the folks who worked on the level designs certainly did well in creating environments that feel both futuristic yet genuinely faithful to those regions. Or at least, what one would think of if you imagined some of those regions. The visuals of the game also help to try to maintain a fun experience in regards to many of the coloring choices by not becoming dragged down by using a bunch of dark colors but instead featuring a rich palette of colors from all over the spectrum. Each of the character models are extremely detailed and don’t feel chunky or too cartoony, which is impressive for a cartoon game.


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3.) Story

…..yeah..about that…there is no story in the game….well like very very very small tidbits of a story that you have to pay really close attention to in the midst of a firefight where you should be paying more attention to you know, not dying, but whatever. Now that being said, the game has a story. The problem with that story is that you pretty much wont get it by playing the game, which means the game doesn’t have its own story and is instead a very pretty set of multiplayer maps for an online video series and set of comics. That being said, if not having a story in your game isn’t a disqualifier for you then then missing this element shouldn’t bother you any. If you are curious about the story, you can find the comics here and the videos here.

Overall the game is a lot of fun but it has some terribly large flaws in the lack of a committed in game story and lack of ability to do basic things like choose the type of game you want to play or select your favorite maps. That being said every character in the game is a blast to play as and is an easy game to pick up for about an hour or so and have a lot of fun with. You may find that it gets repetitive after a while but it will keep you entertained with a diverse roster of characters and a very beautiful set of scenery to go with it. Just maybe wait for it drop in price so that you don’t feel you paid too much money for too little game.

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