To The Media: You Are Entitled to Nothing

Earlier this week my newsfeed was filled with news of the unthinkable: Disney had banned the LA Times from all screenings of the company. One of their critics had been banned from a critic screening of Thor Ragnarok. The media community rallied behind the Times, and decided that they would Continue Reading

Disney, the Oscars, and Animation

The Oscars had a fair share of excitement on Sunday, especially in regards to the mix up over the Best Picture award. However, our attention is focused elsewhere, as Disney took home their ninth award in the Best Animated Feature category in the last ten Oscars. Disney has a history Continue Reading

Marvel Universe Live: Try the “It’s Not Just For Kids” Argument After This

If you’re a nerd like me, you inevitably run into someone who overhears you talking about how much you love something nerdy ( for me it’s superheroes), and they will look at you with their snide, condescending look and ask “isn’t that stuff just meant for kids?”.

Jessica Jones: Why You Should Care About Someone You Know Nothing About

By James Nelson We’re about a month away from the live action debut of Jessica Jones, the second female character that Marvel has given a standalone series to (seriously, they’ve only done Agent Carter, and it was pretty terrible). Aside from this being a Marvel property, why on earth should Continue Reading