Star Wars Celebration 2017: A Galactic Experience In Review

Every convention is a different experience. From different fandoms, to locations, to sizes, no two conventions will be exactly the same and you will even notice the same annual convention change over time. Star Wars Celebration changed more than I thought it would in the last two years, and not Continue Reading

7 Comic Franchises That Could Get An R-Rating Thanks To Deadpool

  Deadpool really pulled it off this weekend with a gross of over $300 million worldwide. While a success for the property itself, it’s huge victory for comic properties for a more mature audience. Long has it been thought a comic-film with an R-Rating would have limited success due to Continue Reading

The Last Jedi: How To Fix The Problems Left From The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is officially the biggest movie ever domestically. Take that Dances with Smurfs! It rode a train of insurmountable hype going into theaters after a ten year dry spell of nothing force related and has come to dominate water coolers and internet forums across the globe. Continue Reading

Marvel Universe Live: Try the “It’s Not Just For Kids” Argument After This

If you’re a nerd like me, you inevitably run into someone who overhears you talking about how much you love something nerdy ( for me it’s superheroes), and they will look at you with their snide, condescending look and ask “isn’t that stuff just meant for kids?”.