E3 2017 hosted a number of great reveals of new games as well as a host of information on games we already knew were in production. What we still have been missing these past few years is an incredible VR experience to bring the VR gaming market into the spotlight of the public eye. Multiverse Entertainment’s Seeking Dawn looks as though it wants to be that game.

Maybe some of you love VR gaming, or maybe some of you have not been captivated by the game selection (I’m right there with you if I am being honest). Seeking Dawn, however, might have the potential we’re looking for. This interstellar RPG is centered around a tale that echoes humanity’s struggles across history when it comes to colonizing new lands for the ruling nation while, at the same time, seeking new freedom in a new land. In Seeking Dawn, humanity is colonizing several planets in several star systems–including our own–but the entire solar system is in the grips of a corrupt political entity called “The United Federation of Sol” (UFS). The character you play as is a man named Lt. James Murphy. Murphy is born in the Alpha Centauri system (the closest solar system to ours) and is part of a group known as “The Republic of Alpha Centauri” (RAC), who is trying to gain their independence from the UFS in a new found land (or lands depending how you look at it). Sound familiar? It’s exactly this type of familiarity that I think will endear the story in Seeking Dawn to a variety of players, if Multiverse can tell it well. Many of our own countries have had similar struggles in their own histories and if Multiverse pulls it off, this VR adventure could be a great way to experience pieces of our past whilst traversing through an incredible and exciting, futuristic VR experience.

In regards to gameplay and graphics, the game seems a bit rough around the edges. However, it’s still in an alpha state, so a lot of refining work has yet to be completed and it still looks pretty dog gone good. The planets that we have seen thus far in the game look BEAUTIFUL, (as you can see from the in game footage above) and the combat in-game appears pretty smooth, even with the rough edges. Each of the weapons in-game displays various stats before you even pick one up, saving you precious gaming time. The game also features a crafting system, allowing you to create various pieces from items you pick up throughout your interstellar adventure. It also appeared that players would be facing off against a variety of enemies: from giant mechs, to native alien creatures, to other humanoid type enemies, (which, we assume, are the previously mentioned UFS). Additionally, what would any RPG be without a leveling system that allowed you to increase the strength of your various skills and abilities as you progress through the game? Seeking Dawn has it all.

One particular aspect that we want to mention here is the game’s scale. This game looks to be a huge adventure to a degree that we haven’t seen yet from VR gaming. Sure, there are some good titles here and there, but there hasn’t been a big VR exclusive game that has sold loads of players on VR technology. Multiverse seems to want to take that honor with Seeking Dawn. While the game still has a lot of work left before it reaches AAA status, it appears to have the bones of what a successful AAA title needs within various aspects of the game.


With everything we have seen so far for the game, we are starting to get exctied about what the final product may be. As more updates come out, it becomes more and more clear that Multiverse is paying attention to gamer feedback on previously released information, (something severely lacking in the current relationships between development companies and gamers.) As long as Multiverse plays its cards right, they could strike gold both in and outside of the game, and break the VR market wide open for players on the fence.

You can check out some of the in game footage below!



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