Lately the internet has been abuzz with all sorts of frustration regarding Niantic’s latest project Pokemon GO. Whether it be the frustration with the current in game tracker or people complaining about the catch rates and spawn rates of various Pokemon, some players have taken their concerns to the ends of the internet to voice their opinions. This week however, Niantic, while not fixing all of the previously mentioned issues, Niantic has delivered an event that shows they are still focusing on making the game as fun for players as possible. In case you have pushed away all hope of Pokemon Go ever being fun again, you might want to take a moment to jump back in. With the latest update came yet another unexpected surprise. This surprise was more pleasant in nature and contained all the information for the game’s first global event. Niantic is hosting a special Halloween event this year that focuses itself around the ghost Pokemon from the first gen and several other Halloween-esque Pokemon. The game features DRASTICALLY increased spawn rates for ghost Pokemon, as well as Meowth, Persian, Cubone, Marowak, Drowzee, and Hypno. In addition to this, there are a couple of other perks to go along with the event. The drop rate of candy has been doubled for captures, transfers and hatches. In the instance of the drop rates for your buddy Pokemon, you know only have to walk 1/4 of the length you would normally have to walk in order to gain candy for your partner Pokemon. As a player myself, this event is a breath of fresh air and playing the game feels like much more of an invigorating experience than it once was. Its nice seeing that Niantic does in fact have some fun events and ideas for us as players and that we can in fact trust them for some cool surprises in the future. I know I have already had a great fun time catching the Halloween esque Pokemon and am definitely enjoying all the bonus candy perks. Of course … this could all be just a set up to prepare and power up our Pokemon teams for the legendary Bird events. Maybe one of those events will be in winter time and release the legendary bird of ice for Christmas (or summer time with Moltres for all you Southern Hemisphere players!) But in the mean time enjoy the opportunity to catch Pokemon that might be much rarer in your area now that Halloween creepy Pokemon are as abundant as Pidgeys, Rattatas and Geodudes.


Are you enjoying the new event? let us know in the comments below! If not, let us know why!

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