This morning the internet exploded with excitement as Nintendo finally unveiled the new system previously code named as NX. The Nintendo Switch was well received by gamers across the board, but one lingering question remained. What about 3rd party support? Luckily Nintendo anticipated this question and soon after released a list of only some of the 3rd party supporters.

Below is just a sampling of 3rd party supporters


In addition, we got to receive actual footage of the system having some version of Skryim on the console as well as one of the NBA 2k series games. Now whether or not the system will play the newest Elder Scrolls (whenver we actually find out what it is,) is still up in the air but we can at least confirm the system is in fact, powerful enough to play the previous elder scrolls entry and looks fairly good doing it at the same time. We also are still uncertain as to just how strong the system is graphically speaking but we will bring word as soon as we have it regarding its capabilities. But here is hoping it will play FFXV and other big 3rd party new games also or at least have the power to.

What about you? What confirmed developers are you excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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