A little while ago we heard that our suspicions of an incoming delay of Final Fantasy XV were true. The game is now set to be released on November 29th. This resulted in quite a bit of fan outrage but not at the Nerdunion offices! We’ve got a few good reasons why.

It has been no secret that big AAA games have come under fire as being nothing more than just pricey over hyped let downs for the past few years and 2016 and 2015 have had no shortage of let downs itself. Lets look back and see

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  • No Man’s Sky:
    • No Man’s Sky was one of the most hyped games of the year if not the most hyped (Yea, I know. Overwatch but you know what? Overwatch didn’t promise the literal world to you and more okay?) Once people got a hold of the game though the developers were met with a very large amount of disappointment in that the players felt like they were mislead as to the type of game they were buying. They thought they were getting a huge space MMO but what they got was an interstellar survival campaign that featured no multiplayer whatsoever. Not to mention the PC issues. It wasn’t a completely worthless game but the game was not what players were led to believe it was.

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  • Overwatch
    • Ok, I know you want to shoot me for this but hear me out first. I am not bashing overwatch here but there has been a large community that feels they were ripped off by overwatch by thinking they were getting this really fun multiplayer campaign that featured this wonderful IN GAME story that players would have a ton of fun playing through with their friends. Overwatch is a fun team fortress esque shooter but a game with a fantastic tale to play through, it is not. In fact there is absolutley no campaign in the game at all so players were basically charged 60 dollars (Console players,) for a map pack with some nifty characters. It is a pretty fun multiplayer shooter and all but some felt they were overcharged for what they were getting and others were very disappointed in Blizzard for the lack of any sort of in game story to play. These players felt mislead and betrayed yet again by another AAA game release.

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  • Star Wars Battlefront
    • This game is notorious for its misleading of fans. People thought they were going to get the most immersive Star Wars game ever full of tons of movie moments that you would get to play through, great gameplay features and of course, epic space battles. At launch however, fans were disappointed to find that Battlefront wasn’t really the game they thought it would be. Previous games in the Battlefront series contained all sorts of treats like fun and immsersive stories (seriously, Battlefront 2 was great for that,) fantastic space battles with multiple ways to complete your goals in the fight, fun splitscreen multiplayer for everything except the campaign, and had a fairly simple yet interesting setup as far as actual gameplay went. This new “reincarnation” however featured beautiful maps from the original 3 films but that is about it as far as letting you live through movie moments. The rest of the game was literally just various types of game types on the same few planets. It did not give you actual moments from the movie to play through (although walker assault almost does on Hoth,) nor did it actually have ANY sort of space battles. I know what you are thinking. How can you have a Star Wars game without any actual Space battles? I don’t know but Dice certainly tried to sell you a game without space battles and a campaign. Needless to say fans were quite upset with the “final product.” Fans felt they were delivered an unfinished game that lacked the amount of content a $60 price tag would warrant and were even more disappointed as Dice tried to recover from its mistake with everyone’s favorite solution DLC. (Just kidding … except Mario Kart 8 and Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation DLC. Those were great.)

Final Fantasy XIII

I could continue with things like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, and even Pokemon GO but I think you get the point. That being said, instead of releasing a buggy, incomplete, rushed, or hollowed out shell of a game like others have before them, Square Enix is doing its gamer’s a favor instead and trying to make sure we get what we pay for with this entry. Final Fantasy XIII series, while beautiful, has had quite the bit of mixed reception and left fans questioning the future of Final Fantasy games in general. Some became disenfranchised, writing off the series entirely while others decided that Square Enix would get one more shot in their books. Now we aren’t going to discuss Final Fantasy XIV due to the fact that it is a MMORPG and not in the same boat exactly as FFXV and the issues at hand aren’t quite the same. FFXV needs to knock us out of the park with a great and intriguing tale, a beautiful world to adventure and explore, incredibly fun battle system, and a super difficult secret dungeon that makes the emerald weapon from FFVII look like a fluffy bunny. We know from the FFXV Uncovered event, just how important this game is to Square Enix. They really want to not only return the game series to greatness and to its roots, but also to make something players are going to love and enjoy. Square Enix doesn’t want to sacrifice what makes Final Fantasy so … well … Final Fantasy, but they want to create something new at the same time and not make something they have already done. Hence the new battle system that is no longer turn based but still incorporates some of the other elements that we have loved about the series battles. (LIKE THE INCREDIBLE SUMMONS.) From what we have seen so far, we can tell they are putting tons of love and heart into this entry and want to make it a game people remember for years to come.

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Kotatu recently reported about a Famitsu interview which revealed some of the reasons for the delay as well. According to an interview with Hajime Tabata himself, the game still has various bugs that need time to be worked out before its release. The delay is A GOOD THING because now we wont have to worry about scenarios like, oh I don’t know,, let’s say key  characters you need to talk to floating off into the distance after a long and difficult battle and you haven’t had a chance to save in an hour or two. That would stink wouldn’t it? If you don’t have internet yet and can’t download a repair for it you are even more out of luck too! (Yes, that is a thing.) We also would not want the game to have terrible frame rate issues when it’s supposed to be the most beautiful looking Final Fantasy game to date either! SO I vote, let’s cut the guys at Square Enix a break and say thank you for caring enough about the product and us to make sure its brilliantly good and let them do their work knowing we gamers have their backs Yeah? It’s not very often that we get a company that cares more about making a great product than it does about greedily conning people out of their money. Let’s be grateful.

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