As it gets closer to its November release date, we seem to be getting more and more Pokemon Sun and moon updates. Check out a quick recap of what this mornings trailer featured.

dark raticate

This morning we got another small update on some of the various Alola form Pokemon by seeing a short video of the new Raticate. It will also be a dark normal type and feature the same abilities as the Alola Form Ratatta.

aether foundation

There will be a group in the game called the Aether foundation that has a facility on an artificial island that is not a part of the main islands of Alola. This group apparently wants to care for Pokemon that have been hurt. Their island is called the Aether paradise and it appears you will be visiting it at some point during your journey.

jangmoo too

We are getting another dragon who apparently will have some pretty defensive abilities in the form of bulletproof and soundproof. These will prove to be interesting tools for a defensive dragon type but maybe not practical. We will have to wait and see!

pokemon photo finder

Your Rotom Pokedex will double as a camera! This will allow you to take photos of the various Pokemon that you find in the game’s natural environments around you, like this Dragonite up here (side note: ORIGINAL DRAGONITE CONFIRMED)

sun mooon time difference

The games will apparently take place 12 hours apart from each other. We don’t know if this will mean that the game will not feature seasons or an in game clock but we do know that the 12 hour time difference will cause various events to happen differently depending on which version you play. For example, it was shown that one of the totem battles will vary depending on your game. In this totem battle in Sun, you will face Gumshoos but in Moon version, you will face Alola Raticate.

team skull enforcer Gladion

We got a sneak peek at one of the big guys of Team Skull, Gladion. It is still unknown how large of a role he is to play but it appears he is significant to the enemy Team Skull. (Or at least, we assume team skull is all bad news anyways.)

type null

We got to see another new Pokemon called Type: Null. It appears to be sort of a hodgepodge of multiple creatures all combined into one and its typing is Normal. It has the ability battle armor as well, leaving it immune to critical hits. It seems rather mysterious and it is currently unknown if the Pokemon will play a larger role in the game’s overall narrative but its mysterious nature would incline it to be important.

zygarde cube

At some point in the game you will meet up with Dexio and Sina again from X and Y. They are apparently researching, you guessed it, Zygarde and want you to collect the cores and cells of Zygarde and give you something called a Zygarde cube to do this with. It would seem that the large Zygarde plot thread that fans were missing from X and Y will in fact be dealt with in this game making Sun and moon even more of a colossal Pokemon game than it already was before. It also may deliver on everything fans were hoping a Pokemon Z version would provide as well by having some of the plot elements revolve around Zygarde and it’s cores. Who knows, this may be a way to actually get perfect form Zygarde as a normal team member for your trainer as well instead of just a niche ability if 10% Zygarde doesn’t get blown away in the first shot.


Last but not least, we have this Pokemon. It is called UB-01 and is different from other pokemon and even other legendaries. On the main website UB-01 is said to have movements that resemble a little girl and it apparently can change shapes as well. The UB stands for ultra beasts and there apparently will be multiple ultra beasts in the game. There are some pretty solid theories out there already about why this Pokemon will be important to the story but we will save the mystery for you and not spoil it.

See you in Alola Trainers.

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