Lately gamer’s have had a lot of skeptecism regarding the new motion controls for Nintendo’s Star Fox: Zero. Some of it has been warranted but the real question players should be asking is this, “Are the controls terrible or do they just need some time to adjust to?”


I will be the first to tell you that I was skeptical of Nintendo’s latest journey into the Lylat System, (Or retelling of a previous journey rather.)  However, I found that after just accepting the fact that the controls were forever changed and jumping headlong into the new control scheme, I found myself actually enjoying them and finding them far more useful than the older style of piloting my Arwing, Landmaster, or yes even the Gyrocopter. Now granted this isn’t a blanket statement for all of the game’s planets and stages. I more mean to say that some moments you will be using the motion controls like a pro and taking down the forces of Andross and Star Wolf like an ace pilot but other times you will find yourself completely ignoring the motion controls and just watching your TV screen. These moments are typically divided between whether or not you are playing an on rails stage or one that puts you into the classic “All Range Mode”

star fox arwing

Anytime you are playing through the “On Rails” stages I HIGHLY advise not paying heed to the motion controls. I typically found myself crashing into objects and missing out on key upgrades and items throughout the level when I spent to much time staring at the gamepad trying to precise shot everything out of the sky. It is also highly advised that you take the bone Nintendo has thrown you and set the motion controls to only be active when shooting. This keeps your focus on where you are flying rather than what direction the gamepad happens to be facing at the time and helps you avoid a whole world of hurt (or army of hurt in this case.) Have no fear regarding whether or not you are missing out on anything by not using those controls during these stages though! The game still feels like the classic Star Fox when playing through them and you can lock on and blast your way through Andross’ forces without feeling like you are being cheated of a quality game experience. Now you may be wondering “Does this mean that the motion controls were just a stupid useless addition?” My friends, the answer to that is NO! No they are not! They just need the correct environment to shine in!

all range mode 3


All range mode is the perfect ground to throw yourself headlong into the new control scheme for the game! Once you are removed from any pesky buildings or space objects that you would normally have to worry about maneuvering around, you really get the chance to see how this new system shines. the ability to track and keep attacking an enemy even as you fly in a different direction and avoid enemy fire is immeasurably useful. It has saved my behind in countless boss battles and helped me to take down the forces of Star Wolf faster than it takes Slippy to get flanked by enemies in the original game….(Okay maybe not that fast but you get my drift!) This system was built for the open flying (or driving) of all range mode and makes those battles substantially easier once you start to get the hang of it. Just spend some time on an easy boss battle and mess around with the targeting lock until you start to get the hang of it. I promise you wont regret it.

star fox zero space

If you are worried about the system having ruined the Star Fox franchise forever, I’d say not to stress over it. The game is set up in such a way that yes, it does make you use them at certain times, but during those times they prove to be more helpful than hindering and whenever they would end up being more problematic than helpful, you typically can just ignore the system and watch your TV screen and play traditionally. So have no fear! Get out there and stop Andross!!!!


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