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About Us


Nerd Union started as a group of friends hanging out in college. As we grew up, moved away, and got real jobs, we decided to come back together for a podcast in June 2014. That podcast, regardless of how bad and rambling it was, grew into our website, Nerd Union. Discussing what is happening in the geek-o-sphere is our passion. We like to prod and examine, dissect, and discuss what goes on with the things we love be they movies, TV shows, comics, video, or tabletop games. But more importantly, we feel like it’s a underserved segment.

I imagine right now you’re saying, “Hold up, nerdy things like comics have become mainstays of Hollywood. How is that underserved.” To that, I say yes, it is.

The reason is because nerd culture has been co-opted by advertisers and movie studios in order to sell to a broader demographic. They push shows like Big Bang Theory, or have their resident weird geek do their tech support on a show full of normies. The delightful weirdness of the comics gets watered down for mass audience appeal, and video games are becoming the most reductive of mediums.

We want to challenge that.

We want to provide unflitered content that’s not watered down by mass appeal, and we want to provide true reviews. If a video game is garbage we will tell you, not because they aren’t paying us to tell you it’s great, but because it’s true. Mainly, we want to talk about things that no one else discusses, because that interests us, and we think it’ll interest you.

Our Coverage

We, of course, do reviews of TV shows and movies that are of interest to our readers (which will include tent-poles), but we focus on gaming. We review board games that you may have never heard of, or cover a video game in an honest way. We discuss tips and strategies on how to play those games. We also discuss fan films, and talk to their creators, as well as discussing nerd culture in general. We are never paid for our reviews, nor do we post paid editorials. We’re honest and give your our honest opinion. We have been approached to have paid content on the site, and we refused to do it, because it’s not ethical. We will, however, review your game/movie/comic/etc if you ask us to, but just because we may have a relationship with the content creator doesn’t mean that it’s not our honest opinion.

We strive for that.

We also make sure than when we review something, it’s a complete review. We don’t half ass things, which means our reviews take longer than most, but we feel like we owe it to the creators, and our audience, to get it right. Words have weight, and we don’t aim to use those without due cause and justification.

Our Podcasts

We are also constructing a podcast network. We are in the process of building a studio that we hope to renovate into a video studio as well. Currently planned is the continuation of our State of the Nerd Union podcast, a new history podcast called “American Legends” focused on telling the narrative history behind the first seven US Presidents, a Star Trek fan podcast called “Red Shirt Rejects,” and a Nashville, TN based radio show.

How we sustain ourselves
Currently, we don’t make enough money to live off this. We have our regular 9-to-5s, and some of us are aiming and investing our own money into this company to make it our career. We believe in Nerd Union.
In order to become profitable (spoiler alert, we do want this to be a viable business) we look for regular subscribers via patreon, solicit one time donations via PayPal, and are a Amazon and CBS All Access affiliate. Eventually, we will return to an advertising model for free users, and provide an ad free experience for patrons and backers. In the meantime, however, enjoy the ad free experience. We will NEVER sell your information.
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