The Game Awards 2016


There was so much to last night’s show, as The Game Awards crowned the top games from 2016 and revealed a number of world premieres as well. We saw updates from Nintendo, Bioware, and Sony; were shown new trailers and gameplay footage, and found out who walked away with The Game of the Year award. We’veRead More

The Game Awards: Seven Things To Look Out For


The Game Awards are upon us. The nominees have been in for some time, fans are casting their last votes for the fan selections, and there’s a lot to look forward to tonight. We’ve thrown together a short list of five things to look out for during The Game Awards stream later today.

It’s a SMALL WORLD after all!


Small World is an epic battle royal of tiny proportions. Players take turns picking different races with unique modifiers to battle for a world that’s “just not big enough for the both of us”. Up to 5 players can join in the melee, and the game is hugely different depending on numbers, which is justRead More

Moana’s Splash is Worth the Hype


Disney’s been having a good year with animation, as Moana hit theaters for the holiday weekend. Beautifully animated, matched with a strong story and a wonderful soundtrack, Moana stands on it’s own is and is one film you don’t want to miss before the year is out.