Everyone Chill Out, It’s Okay to Like a Bad Movie


The weekend before last I had the truly wonderful privilege to see two movies on the silver screen, one I absolutely enjoyed, and the other one had me wanting to pluck my eyes out. One was fan film made in… Continue Reading

My Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Experience with No Man’s Sky


I love video games. Some would say that I may have a problem. In particular, I love games in space that involve me piloting a ship through the cosmos to see what’s on the other side. Story is important to… Continue Reading

A Brand New Rogue One Trailer!


As a special end of the week treat, we’ve got the latest trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ready for you! It looks even better than it did before and we are quite excited for it. Check it… Continue Reading

No Man’s Sky: Watch Our Playthrough


Our Games Editor, Jerry, has decided to broadcast his playthrough of No Man’s Sky for all to see. Here’s the easy thread to find them all. 

No Man’s Sky: Review In Progress

no mans sky

Hello Games has produced a cosmically huge title in “No Mans Sky” and we have a few initial thoughts on the game for all you explorers looking for feedback on the game and the mysteries of the universe.

Star Trek Adventures is Going to Scratch Your RPG Itch


Continuing our coverage of Gen Con 2016, we got to sit down with Chris Birch, publisher and founder of Modiphius to discuss their latest upcoming project, Star Trek Adventures, the latest tabletop RPG revival of one of sci-fis most beloved… Continue Reading

Best Cosplays From Gen Con 2016


After a few days at the conference, we have seen hundreds of cosplayers walking around. We have picked the best for you. Feast your eyes below. 

Everything We Learned About Starfinder from Gencon 2016

starfinder 2017

Paizo has dropped some major, MAJOR announcements for Starfinder at GenCon and they have officially announced a ton of information. Here is everything we know about the new game.

A Beginners Tips And Tricks For Mobius Final Fantasy


Square Enix has  A TON going on for it this year as far as game releases go but recently they seem to have pulled a surprise winner out of the hat in their new mobile title: Mobius Final Fantasy. In… Continue Reading

Where No Man Has Gone Before: A Brilliant Beginning

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.19.08 PM

Star Trek, like any other series, had some ups and downs, but most came right at the beginning. Besides the fact that it took a year to get off the ground, they were forced to go back to the drawing… Continue Reading