The Enemy Within: A Daring Trek Episode

kirk yelling

“The Enemy Within” is a pretty standard episode for early Trek. It has a great premise, with solid performances by most of the cast, executes on a somewhat interesting premise by subtlety touching on a far more interesting and controversial subtext, but is hampered by two drawbacks. 

Enterprise-B Attack Wing Review


With September here we finally have the arrival of Wave 26 of the WizKid’s game, Star Trek Attack Wing. Though the other two ships in this wave are just repaints of two popular ships, the Enterprise-B is a whole new expansion. Hit the jump to see what we think.

Stranger Things Could Get Stranger


Usually when a 80’s paranormal or extraterrestrial show ended, that was that. You hit some climax and never saw how those characters grew up or handled their lives post-ordeal . However, a second season of Stranger Things actually offers some interesting possibilities. So let’s chat. What makes a second season special and what more couldRead More