Pokken Tournament Basically Mega Evolved And Only Got Better

Pokken Tournament releases tomorrow and fans and skeptics of the original entry are probably wondering to themselves “What’s the big deal?” As it turns out, Pokken Tournament DX is the Pokemon fighting game you never knew you always wanted while simultaneously also being the game you wished the Wii U Continue Reading

Game On Looks to be a One Stop Shop for Tabletop

Right now if you’re a game maker, or board game aficionado, there’s only one place you look for new projects — Kickstarter. If you go on Kickstarter right now there are 249 projects waiting for your hard earned money. It’s gotten to be a habit that journalists, bloggers, and gamers Continue Reading

7 Things Goku Could Have Done Instead Of Recruit Frieza

It’s not secret that Dragonball Super has had an incredible amount of plot twists to keep the show interesting. Most of them have been pretty well received and elevated the show’s caliber even higher but I have a few qualms with the plot twist involving Goku’s most recent recruit. Most Continue Reading

Merchants and Marauders: Yo ho! Yo ho! A Pirate’s Life for Me!

AVAST, SCALLYWAGS AND SCOUNDRELS ALIKE! If ye think that ye be more than a bunch of landlubbers! If ye be possessing daring, cunning, and wit! If ye be willing to risk life and limb in the quest for eternal glory and riches! Then gather yer crew! Chart yer course! Weight Continue Reading

C4 And The Beauty Of Small Conventions

For the general populace who have never been to a comic or anime convention (never mind the fandoms big enough to warrant their own!), they can seem like impenetrable beasts. A full weekend immersed in all of these once-fringe interests? The mere thought might stir excitement in the extreme for Continue Reading

SEPT 7TH, 2017: Joker Origin Movie, Defenders, Inhumans, Fall & Winter Movie Preview

What happens when the podcast goes on a slight hiatus along with Trevor and Kenneth having the sniffles, and plenty upset at current events? It’s the recipe for some classic rants and ravings from your SOTNU team. Check our latest State of the Nerd Union podcast were we chat about… Continue Reading

In Defense of Hating Discovery’s New Klingon Look

  Okay, I’ve lived on the internet practically my whole life. I understand how exhausting nerd hate is and how terribly misplaced it can be. I can also understand the adage, “Let people enjoy things.” So, at the risk of adding to useless nerd rage, and putting my foot in Continue Reading

“Is Death Note That Bad?” Netflix’s Death Note Review

If you can ignore the anime, Death Note turns out to be a fun, but ultimately forgettable film among the great Netflix movies that have come out over the years. However, as soon as you think about the actual manga and show, you will start banging your head repeatedly on Continue Reading

How to Beat Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

Starting today, Niantic will theoretically be sending the first batch of invites out for their EX raid feature. This battle will currently feature a showdown with the one and only Mewtwo, whom has been teased ever since the first trailer for the game was revealed. To help you prepare, we Continue Reading