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7 SEPT 2017: Joker Origin Movie, Defenders, Inhumans, Fall & Winter Movie Preview

What happens when the podcast goes on a slight hiatus along with Trevor and Kenneth having the sniffles, and plenty upset at current events? It’s the recipe for some classic rants and ravings from your SOTNU team. Check our latest State of the Nerd Union podcast were we chat about…

  • Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary
  • What Happened to the Defenders and Inhumans?
  • Stargate Origins web series
  • Colin Trevorrow stepping away from Star Wars Episode IX
  • Streaming Services are going to fracture the market
  • We also reviewed the Summer blockbusters. Which ones were great and which were absolutely abysmal?
  • Plus, we took a few minutes to discuss the Fall and Winter slate of films. We are looking forward to few big ones and nervous about plenty others

You can listen to the podcast in the player below or subscribe through our iTunes channel or use your favorite podcast service. We’ll see you next week!!

**Editor’s Note: We mentioned the Criterion collection being available on Hulu. However, it is no longer there, they started their own service called Filmstruck (further providing evidence to our rant on the fractured streaming service market. Not to mention all the other services we didn’t have time to mention).

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