Nintendo has come out of the gates of 2017 swinging this year especially when it comes to their entry into the mobile gaming app market. Yesterday marked another entry into that market that actually came as quite a surprise in regards to the company porting over its popular Pokemon Comaster game into various other countries in the world. The game is quite fun and definitely worth checking out here, but we thought we would do what we could to help you ease into the new game with a helpful beginners guide.

The game in and of itself does a good job of giving you a tutorial of how to play the game but we have found a few things that make the long trek to becoming the new champion a bit easier.

1.) Win 4 league battles before you proceed through the main quest line

If you look in the top right corner of the screen you see the locked booster symbol that has a key symbol next to it, indicating it requires keys to open. The game has already informed you that you earn these keys by winning league battles but we HIGHLY recommend doing this first due to the fact that its basically free access to a booster pack without spending gold and by the time you open the pack you should have a good enough handle on the game that whatever Pokemon you find in it adds a helpful power curve to your team, making battles even simpler. The other plus side to doing this is that it increases your rank quickly which increases the number of powerful Pokemon you have access to in opening various basic free packs from either the unlocked booster pack or the time boosters.

2.) Save your Jewels.

I know. Your fingers are just itching to spend that first 200 jewels on a double booster pack in hopes of unlocking your favorite fully evolved starter right from the get go yeah? Well hold your horses and go ahead and save up enough jewels to unlock the 6 booster pack so you will have access to lots of good strong Pokemon when you start the quest line and have the ability to power through your battles. But on that note …

3.) Don’t focus on knocking out the opponents Pokemon

Wait, what? Yes, your main focus of these battles is not on actually winning battles with your opponents Pokemon. This is first and foremost, a game of strategy, not powerful Pokemon battles. The game informs you that the goal of each battle is to move your Pokemon figure to the opponents home space. THAT’S THE EASIEST WAY TO WIN. These battles can be won without even entering into one combat phase at all, meaning you do in fact, have the ability to topple any opponent regardless of how much stronger their Pokemon may be than yours. Use your Pokemon with lots of move actions to your advantage early on in the game to try to learn how to maneuver around the battlefield without entering into a battle. Do defend your own home space in the meantime but I highly encourage you to learn to use maneuverability to win battles before you try to do it via brute strength in the spin wheel. This will make tougher opponents later in the game, or in the league vs real players, far easier to defeat and you wont have to necessarily worry about how much of a power gap there is between you and the opposing legendary Pokemon your enemy has. Just make sure you keep your home space defended at whatever costs. But here’s a tip to help with that as well.

4.) Use that Bulbasaur!!!

The game gives you access to a few Pokemon to start out with that aren’t overtly powerful or anything but each does have its advantages. While Charmander is of course going to be one of your main offensive Pokemon, you should be paying attention to the defensive capabilities of both Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur has 2 status effect moves that can cripple an opponents assault on your home space without having to even win the battle against them. It does so via its Poison powder move (Decreasing the power of all your opponents attacks by 10 due to poison.) and its Sleep Powder attack (which, as you probably guessed, puts your opponent to sleep rendering them basically unable to move until after they next try to attack you, buying you another turn.) Squirtle too also has some great defensive capabilities, albeit, less of the status effect form and more of the “Turtle on top of your home space keep your opponent from entering it by being a defensive unbreakable wall,” variety. (see what I did there?)

5.) Don’t spend materials buying new Pokemon figures.

The game gives you an outlet to outright purchase various Pokemon figures to increase the power of your deck but I would advise against doing so. Yes it seems tempting to go ahead and spend the material currency to outright buy one of your favorites but what the game does not initially tell you is that after each quest battle you have a chance to unlock a new pokemon figurine from one of the ones you battled against previously. This makes it pretty easy to build up a wide selection of figures to choose from for your decks and saves you the hassle of spending materials on cheaper options, thus letting you save up for expensive things like Dialga without worry that you will miss out on your favorite Pokemon.

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