During the Nintendo Switch Presentation this evening we received a large amount of information, not the least of which was official information on some of the Specs of Nintendo’s upcoming system. So let’s dive in and discuss that shall we?

Let’s just go by a quick list shall we?

1.) The battery will last from 2-6 hours depending on the game (Example: Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will last about 3 hours.)

2.) You can play multiplayer in portable mode!

3.) You can link up to 8 systems together at a time!

4.) The system apparently features a tabletop mode so you can play in portable mode without having to hold the system

5.) The system is WI-Fi Compatible

6.)  The screen is in fact, a touch screen.

7.) You will be able to take screenshots with the system via a camera button and edit, and add texts, and then share them online with your friends.

8.) Each joycon controller is in fact, a fully functioning controller allowing you to play with friends WHEREVER YOU ARE at all times. It also means the system comes with 2 fully functioning controllers so you may also get some couch co op action started as soon as possible.

9.) The joy con controllers will have various color variations!

10.) The Joy Con controllers feature some new, updated motion controls as well as rumble features. The controllers also feature a camera that can also read what your hands are doing as well. (Ex: Rock, Paper, Scissors formations.)

11.) Amiibo compatability will be accessible in joycon and pro controllers for the switch as shown in the above photos.

12.) The system does use only game cards for physical copies of games.

13.) Video output is 1080p resolution in TV mode and 720p when in handheld mode.

14.) When away from home, the system can be charged via an AC adapter that plugs into one of the USB Type C connectors.

15.) The system comes with 32 GB of Internal Storage. This can be expanded upon via MicroSDXC and MicroSDHD Memory Cards.

16.) The USB ports can be used with a USB Lan Adaptor to connect to an Internet source.

17.) The system supports 5.1 channel surround sound.

18.) The systems power is a custom Tegra Process of unknown specs currently.

Credit due to Nintendo Press Room for the information.




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