During the Switch Presentation, we got to see a brand new first party title called “1 2 Switch” that looks like it will be a great party game! Lets check it out!

The game looks to be a ton of fun and actually seems like it will be an interesting concept to say the least. Each player will take hold of a Joy Con controller as they duel it out in a gun duel, samurai duel as well as a host of other fun gameplay styles. The interesting part of this though is that the game does not require you to look at a screen. Instead, you stare into the eyes of your opponent as you compete against one another in real life! Just set the system up at whatever party or location you find yourself and go ahead and party it up with the switch. The system itself will give you the que to make your move against your opponent, the move varying with the type of competition you are having. What do you think of this new style of gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!


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