The Nintendo NX has been officially unveiled and we now have a real idea of what this new console is! Check it out in the trailer and the details on the console!

First of all lets let you see the trailer

Now that you have seen that video lets talk about the trailer

It would appear the console is in fact a mobile console and home console hybrid and that the side controller system is in fact, how you will be playing the game.


nintendo-switch-consoe-2 nintendo-switch-console-3

I am acttually really excited about this.

We also learned from the trailer that it will in fact play cartridge games, sort of having a blast from the past effect on home consoles and it will in fact be getting mainstream third party support as well. In the trailer we gotta to see footage of what appears to be either NBA 2k16 or 2k17 when a bunch of basketball players were playing together. Unlike the Wii U it appears that the screen controller will also feature multiplayer capabilities as we saw several instances of players bringing their switch with them on the go and playing the same game with each other on the go. The graphics quality seemed to at minimum be on par with the trailers and videos we saw for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildĀ  and the other games featured in the trailer also seemed to have a good quality graphics capabilities as well.

Now I know, Nerd Union doesn’t report on video game rumors much less start them but we have a theory we want to throw out there. Observe the photo below


Now again this is PURE SPECULATION, but what if this thing can play 3ds games. Imagine for a second. The cartridge appears to be close to the same size as a 3ds cartridge but maybe a little wider, nonetheless what if the cartridge slot still has the capability to read the files. This could change the portable gaming market forever. It not only would be better for players because they could now be able to play 3ds games on their home console thus saving money, but also would be a huge game changer for developers and Nintendo as a company. Third party developers would have a MUCH more powerful console to work with for making portable games and be able to do far more things. That being said, it may not be that the system can play 3ds games due to its lack of double screen capability and im just dreaming a little to big here. It also seems somewhat unlikely due to the fact that Nintendo has already announced plans for the 3ds into 2017 and if the Nintendo Switch was compatabile with 3ds games it would possibly kill players appeal to even purchase a 3ds in the first place since they can just play the same games on their home console system. But hey the Pokemon Company has already stated they are making games on the Nintendo Switch so I could be wrong!


Update: NVIDIA has released a blog saying that the Nintendo Switch is powered by a custom Tegra Processor.

Update 2: Nintendo has released a sampling of 3rd party partners for the system. Keep in mind these are only some of the partners for the system thus far



What did you think of the NX official reveal though? Let us know in the comments below!

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