So the news has broken that John Barrowman, aka Malcom Merlyn, has been promoted to series regular … but not just on Arrow. He’s been made a regular on every Arrowverse series. That includes the time hopping Legends of Tomorrow and Earth-not 1, 2, or 3, set Supergirl. This leaves me with a massive question to answer. Here’s some theories as to what he’s up to. Spoilers for just about every show will follow.

The Obvious Theory:

Merlyn has always been a bad guy who occasionally waffles between anti-hero and arch villain. So then, he is probably going to be the big bad (or one of the big bad) across all the series this season. We know some massive catastrophe befalls the Legends and the JSA, it could make sense if he’s related. My only problem with this theory is, even though Merlyn is a great character, he could easily be taken out by Flash or Supergirl. There’s simply no way he can be a threat to those two.

The Creative Theory:

We all know that The Flash ended with Barry saving his mom from death. That event is what causes Flashpoint. We know for a fact that Flashpoint is happening this season. What everyone has been wondering is how much Flashpoint is going to bleed into the other series. Considering there’s a planned four show crossover happening in December (when they usually have it), it would make sense that this would involve Flashpoint in some capacity. If Flashpoint is allowed to bleed into the other shows it’ll create a massive rearrangement in the characters (and allow for some needed revitalization of Arrow). In the Flashpoint universe Bruce Wayne died and Thomas Wayne became Batman. Since Green Arrow is the closest we have to this, it would make sense if someone else became Green Arrow, say, Malcom Merlyn.

Merlyn’s quest to become a villain and destroy the Glades started with the death of his wife. Maybe in the Flashpoint universe he decides to save the Glades and not destroy it. In addition, it was Barry’s relationship with Thomas Wayne that allowed him to regain his powers and reverse what he’d done. There’s more evidence to this than any other theory I think. For one, we know Harrison Wells is coming back next season to The Flash, most likely as the real Earth-1 Wells. We also know Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) has signed a similar cross-series deal as John Barrowman has, which is far more peculiar. It’s weird, because Captain Cold is very, very dead. We are talking about his atoms being disintegrated kind of dead. It would make sense that Flashpoint resets this.

What does everyone think? Am I off base or does this sound likely?

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