Netflix has now released the second of two trailers for the upcoming Daredevil season 2, and it couples up nicely to the rising chaos presented from the first one. Let’s chat about what’s going on…


Power Vacuum

If we’ve learned anything from history, toppling a dictator or ruler doesn’t always have the intended effect. Hence the problem with taking down Kingpin; it’s clear Matt Murdock has been successful taking down some of the other splinter groups, but now Hell’s Kitchen is wide open for one group, the Yakuza, to regain ground. It seems like this will take Murdock by surprise given his reaction to Elektra’s information. Daredevil killed the Yakuza leader last season, (Nobu Yoshioka, he died when he was set aflame) so expect to see a new leader introduced, which will most likely be a leader of the Hand. The aggressive takeover by the Yakuza may be how Punisher/Frank Castle’s family ends up dying. That would explain why he will cross paths with Daredevil several times.

Where is Wilson Fisk? Last we saw of him, he was enjoyed a nice sentence in jail. But with the Kingpin’s influence and resources, it will be hard to imagine him stuck on the sidelines for long. I doubt he will be in much of this season’s conflicts, but I expect to see him start making moves toward his release or hatching some other scheme. Vanessa Fisk is also a factor we haven’t talked about much about. She escaped any legal entanglement, understands what her husband was up to, and probably has access to the pocketbook. For the same reasons as Kingpin, I could see them having a small storyline with her that setups Season 3 for Kingpin with Vanessa’s assistance.


Battle Of Codes

From the first trailer, it’s clear that Punisher and Daredevil will be tackling some of the same opponents. And while they will be clashing and coming to blows, their individual moral codes will be on display. Some of the rooftop arguments give glimpses into the nature of these “disagreements”. With the loss of his family, Punisher no longer cares about the typical rules and wants to make sure when he takes someone down, “they stay down”. We obviously know that Murdock wants to preserve life however possible (with the expection of Nobu apparently, the writers really missed that one). It’s an interesting dilemma that has always lead to great conflicts in the comic books and is routinely an issue some other crusaders face as well.

The most chilling line has to be Punisher telling Daredevil that “you’re just one bad day away from being me”. It’s referring to the loss of his family for Punisher; for Murdock though, we know of his rage and the guilt he feels going after criminals. Most of his time spent with Father Lantom deals with whether the path he’s on is justified, and who is he really doing it for? It will be a great debate played out between the two and given this series’ fondness to kill off characters, will probably end fatally for one of them or the people around them.


Team Up

It didn’t take long after Foggy’s offhand comment about Elektra last season for her to be a central figure now. And given the deteriorating situation in Hell’s Kitchen, Murdock needs all the help he can get. The fights featured with the two of them already look great, although we will have to wait and see how well their chemistry works on screen. Murdock also has to remind Elektra of his no killing policy which may be another area where his code gets tested.

Also, is there going to be some weird love square this season? I mean Claire is still around, Karen had a quick moment with Murdock in the trailer, and now with Elektra back in town, it looks like it could get really confusing super quick.


The Hand

Stick has returned and delivered an ominous message about the Hand. We only encountered them briefly through Nobu and Stick’s first appearance. Fighting the Hand will bring the more supernatural elements of the Daredevil stories to full light. It remains to be seen how well they can integrate those threads without killing the realistic world Daredevil has been living in.

Potential spoiler: If you’ll remember, Stick was attempting to kill a child that was being used as a weapon called Black Sky. You should also recall that Stick apparently killed the child, but it happened OFF SCREEN. Black Sky is not a character from the comics, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Stick kept the kid alive in order to have a weapon in his own back pocket. I hope I’m right and this plays a part, but I won’t be too torn up if it isn’t. Besides, this season looks to be cram packed with a ton of Daredevil lore so it’s not b

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Damn It Foggy….

Geez, I’m already annoyed by his moments in the trailers. I don’t hate the character and I love the actor, Elden Henson (Who wouldn’t? It’s freaking Fulton Reed!!), but ever since he discovered Murdock’s secret life, he’s been nothing but off putting. I understand that we need some contrast to Murdock’s decisions, but it has to be more than just having Foggy concerned for his life. The first half of last season gave Foggy a bunch of things to do, but it’s like they couldn’t think of anything else for him for the last 4 or 5 episodes. Hopefully they will correct that this time around, but we will have to wait until March 18th to find out.

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