Nintendo has dubbed 2016 to be the Year Of Pokémon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon and this Saturday February 27th has been dubbed as Pokémon Day to commemorate the event! The original Pokémon games, red and blue version, released February 27th, 1996 and so in order to help you enjoy the day we have compiled a short list of Poké-tastic things to do!

pokemon day gamestop

Head over to Gamestop and check out some of their Pokémon stuff!

If you haven’t been playing Pokémon for the past few years, now is the time to join in the fun. Gamestop has stocked up on tons of Pokémon merchandise and will be having a few sales for the Anniversary. They will also be giving out posters to those who purchase any of the Pokémon merchandise AND you can finally download/buy codes for the classic Red, Blue, and Yellow version that day as well.

pokemon netflix

Watch the original Pokémon anime on Netflix

Netflix is great for watching some of our favorite older shows and Pokémon is no exception to that. While yes, it does not have ALL of the Pokémon Anime, it does have the Indigo League, which to me is the most nostalgic of all given that I will be buying the blue version for my 3DS on Saturday. So if you are wanting to enjoy some old school Pokémon goodness of watching Ash try to catch them all, which he is coincidentally the worst at, OR have some appropriate background noise as you play through the 3ds re makes of the first 3 games, then this is a definite recommendation for you.

play pokemon 2

Get some Pokméon TCG cards and find a league near you!

So fun fact! There are various leagues of Pokméon TCG players spread out all over the country and you can find out when and where they are meeting up here and join in and play! So go buy a deck or two and put something together and get to battling!

pokemon showdown builder

Have some friends over and have a Showdown Party!

Pokémon Showdown is the place to go to if you want to play with Pokemon online but don’t have the time to invest in training up your Effort Values or breeding perfect Pokémon with all the right attacks and such. You can check it out here but long story short, Pokémon Showdown is an online battle simulator that allows you to put together any set of Pokémon, items and moves that are currently obtainable in the actual games and then immediately hop on into a competitive environment. There are several formats available to play in with all of them having differing rule sets but the idea of what I’m thinking is hooking up a laptop computer to a TV, having a second one for another person to play on and then bringing all your fellow trainers over and having your own Pokémon league tournament in your very own home and enjoying just some good old Pokémon battling fun together!

wonder trade 2

Bless some folks with some great Pokémon on Wonder Trade!

We’ve all had that time where we sent out Pokémon on Wonder Trade only to get back a Caterpie or a Bidoof without any decent items or fun moves and it wasn’t fun was it? Why not celebrate by helping rid Wonder Trade of some of the troll trades and put out some starters or a lvl 1 of your favorite Pokémon or Pokémon with trade exclusive evolutions with the items needed to do so! Help make the Wonder Trade a great part of the game this weekend and bless someone else with something awesome like Scyther with a metal coat or an extra legendary Pokémon or two!

ash hat gif

Turn your hat around when stuff is about to get real.

We all remember what it meant when ash turned that hat backwards and how real it was about to get so when you get ready to thrown down this weekend whether its getting ready to throw down vs Team Rocket or whatever other struggle the devil throws your way put on that Ash Ketchum drama face and turn that hat around!

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