Ubisoft latest title Far Cry Primal brought something a little…old school…to the table and with it has provided something that we think is actually worth taking the time to play through. Here are some of those reasons.

far cry world

7.) It brings an entirely new yet ancient experience to the table

This game does something strange in stripping away a lot of the bells and whistles that most games feature and literally just brings it down to the core elements of being out in the open world in an age long before modern technology exists and all you have at your disposal are just the resources the land provides you and the ability to tame animals, and you can’t even tame animals at the beginning. All of your weapons and tools and resources are just made out of basic materials that you find via hunting and gathering and that is the foundation for the gameplay. That may sound boring empty and dull at first glance but actually after getting into the game it is quite refreshing to just be down to the bare basics of humanity as just a man in the wide open world with just his bare hands as he grows his own village and tribe to take on the challenges of the world. Speaking of the world

far cry world 2

6.) You are just a lowly man exploring a HUUUGE and beautiful world

Have you ever tried to explore the world on foot via just going on a hike without any of your technology and just been in the middle of all of God’s great green creation and just marveled in its beauty? (Or you know, desert/icy snow depending on where you are.) Now I know a video game is like the exact and total opposite of that but it is not the opposite of a work of beautiful art but oftentimes that fact is glossed over by things like all the special features and fancy combat systems and futuristic game play stuff. Far Cry: Primal takes you back to a place where humanity didn’t have all of it’s distractions and you get to admire all the ability these developers have been blessed with and all the hard work and effort they put into making this games environment. Seriously, you can’t walk around or do anything in this game without being amazed at the scenery  and ecosystem and all the animals and such in it.

far cry cat attack

5.) You genuinely get to experience how terrifying it would be to live in the the stone age

So yeah the animals, about them. You might think “Oh cool animals roaming around living in the world doing their own thing and you just living in harmony with them!” and “Oh Neat! You can get animals as pets! Like Pokemon!”…..Except that’s like watching the animated version of The Jungle Book and then trying to go live out in the jungle and have a joyful and musical time with it! But that’s not how real life jungle time works does it? Nope, it would be terrifying and you could get mauled by a jaguar or a tiger or eaten alive by rabid jungle ants or maybe even get attacked by actual cannibals! But it might be ok becuase you have things like knives and guns and stuff to fend of wild predators in real life….BUT NOT IN FAR CRY PRIMAL. You just get the stuff around you and you need to figure out how to make something of it! Danger lurks around almost every corner and sometimes even right beside you or in front of you. That may sound like a strange statement but once you play the game and experience what its like to be going about your own business and then suddenly be mauled by a jaguar that was hiding in the grass right in front of you, then you will understand….especially when the jaguar brings friends with him. Luckily, you have a few allies of your own that you may obtain should you choose to invest skill points there

far cry animal taming

4.) Animal Taming

Let us clarify that the animal taming aspect of the game does not mean setting up a trap and catching animals or something that doesn’t put you in harms way. This is you suddenly finding an animal that begins to attack you and your options being, attack and kill it, die, or try to give it some meat and tame it to have it become your companion. It sometimes is actually pretty nerve racking, especially if the animal sees you to be more appetizing than the peace offering you try to woo it over with. Luckily, the risk is worth the reward as having animal companions with you on your quest for survival proves to be indispensable and a definite must for some of the quests and encounters in the game. You are also given a decent variety of animals to befriend, with everything from wolves, to lions, to tigers and bears……oh my……all the way down to

far cry badger


Honey badger gets his own bullet point because honey badger takes what he wants……He also is an animal companion you can obtain that apparently is truly the king of the jungle because he has the passive ability to cause all other creatures to flee from him in fear…..He also can take down enemy humans very quickly and very efficiently. It’s kind of scary.

far cry mammoth

2.) Riding Animals!

Mammoth Riding….do you really need me to add anything else to that? OK FINE HERE YOU GO

far cry sabertooth

2.5.) You also can ride a saber tooth tiger and pretend you are He-Man but you don’t get a sword…HAPPY NOW?

1.) Incredibly Immersive

I’ve listed several reasons already that detail how the game really gets you into how it would feel to be a human in the early years of its existence but it goes beyond where most games would by having every human speak one of the 3 fictional dialects that exist in game. Besides the subtitles that are there for translation purposes, everyone in the game speaks dialects that genuinely feel primeval in their nature and you may even find yourself being able to begin translating some of the words without using the subtitles if you play long enough. That very well may be a nerdier point to notice but it is just a detail that goes to show the amount of quality work that went into the production of this game and I for one genuinely appreciated the developers doing this. Just watch the above video to see what I mean


Overall Far Cry Primal does a great job of doing something different than what most games are doing these days and because of this, it manages to keep things simple but fun and not stagnant. The primeval elements of the game keep you interested throughout and although it may not have the replay value that other games do I’m still going to say that its at least worth picking up and playing through a couple of times since you can change up tactics a bit via the various skill tree focusing and different types of  weapons you can build and just running around in the world doing side quests and exploring is enough to fill hours of time by itself.

Far Cry Primal 8.5/10

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