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A Very Nerdy Christmas: The Must Watch Holiday Specials For Nerds Everywhere

It’s the Holiday Season and nerds like us always like to celebrate in style. Check out some of the best offerings of Christmas cheer from the nerd world at large. 

A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

You only have to listen to the opening song to know just what Pinky and the Brain is all about, two mice trying to take over the world. Well in this Christmas special, Brain finally gets his chance to do just that with his most successful attempt yet. However, in a very fitting way, it takes the delightful yet unintelligent Pinky to teach Brain about how being selfless and being with your loved ones is what the season is for. It’s the most emotional moment of the series’s run and the greatest showcase in the depth’s of Brain’s character. It even won an Emmy.


Batman the Animated Series – Christmas with the Joker

The first episode to feature the clown prince of crime is really no better or worse than most episodes of Batman the Animated Series. The catch is that it’s an episode of the nigh perfect Batman the Animated Series, one of the two greatest animated shows in existence. It has a typical plot of the show of Batman chasing down the Joker, but with the Holiday setting and seeing Bruce Wayne sit down with his family to watch It’s A Wonderful Life  just like the rest of us does make it feel just a bit more special.

Community – Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

If you haven’t watched Community, you are missing out. Here Abed has a mental breakdown and sees the world through the eyes of stop-motion claymation. Wonderfully, the episode is animated to match. It’s a spirally trip into Abed’s separatin from reality as he struggles to deal with being away from family for the holidays and learns to celebrate with his second family. And if you need more reasons to watch Community, check out the videos below from other great Christmas moments.

Tim Butrton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is the goth kid classic. For all of those who want a little more Halloween in their Holiday Season, this is the movie for you. The songs are beautiful. The animation is wonderfully despondent and there is something magical about the darker love of the holidays and the discovery of being happy with one’s purpose and self actualization. It’s a short watch but enjoyable again and again.

Batman Returns

If you didn’t get enough of  Tim Burton’s vision of Christmas, Batman Returns has more bleakness for the Holiday Season. Batman battles the Penguin and Catwoman all to the background of the Winter Solstice. It’s not the best Batman film by far, but the winter setting does add a level of desolation and despair to the the Gotham setting, even when juxtaposed by the bright lights and spirits of Christmas.

Smallville – Lexmas

All I have to say is that Superman saves Christmas by delivering a ton of presents to children in need. That and Lex goes through his own It’s a Wonderful Life sequence where the end result shows one more reason for his spiraling turn to darkness.

Star Wars Holiday Special

This is only for the most die hard. It’s exceptionally unwatchable. Be ready for ten minutes of scenes of Wookies talking in Wookie with NO SUBTITLES. It was once voted as the worst thing to ever appear on TV and has only been shown once in its entirety. Disney has remained mum on whether or not Life Day falls into official canon.

A Muppet Family Christmas

If you’re like me, you love the Muppets for their wholesome, positive, uplifting wonderment and family values, not this new TV show darkness. This 1987 TV Special showcases the Muppets in their wheelhouse, singing songs about bringing cheer for all those around to hear, and celebrating with your loved ones. The final scene is perhaps one of the most wonderful montages of carols put together and is a joy to behold. Just watch it. Watch it now.

Die Hard

IT’S DIE HARD!!!!! It’s the greatest Christmas movie ever!


Also there is apparently something called Dr. Who that has Christmas Specials. Apparently they’re a big deal… But not in this house!

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