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5 Star Wars Spinoffs We Want Disney To Make

By Jerry Maynard

So in the wake of all of the Star Wars frenzy that is occurring on our road to Episode 7 we’ve been told about several Star Wars spinoff movies that are on the way including one which seems to feature a young Han Solo and a movie focused on the exploits of our favorite Robot Chicken character and fellow writer Boba Fett! (Seriously, someone must have stolen that character from meeting our writer W.T. Bane, see in our podcast here.) But maybe this is only the beginning of a series of adventures that don’t focus on a member of the Skywalker bloodline. So I submit this list for consideration to all who are nerdy and or concerned and the execs at Disney who make all the calls on the movies.

1.) Star Wars, Yoda’s saga


We will discuss this in greater detail in the future but for now just imagine a story about one of the most iconic Jedi that we know of, Yoda. In the current canon we don’t know very much about this short insanely acrobatic Jedi Master but we know he is over 800 YEARS OLD. So my question is That’s 800 years of Jedi fighting off the evil of the Sith in the galaxy. What did Yoda see and do during that time? How different was the order in his early years? How hard was Yoda to train as a young padawan? Did he ever feel tempted to fall to the dark side? Yoda could be genuinely a launching point for a whole new trilogy for all we know and if nothing else its at least worth thinking about for the expansion of not only Disney’s profits but the history of the universe of Star Wars itself. Or at least give a cinematic telling of Yoda’s saga so we can know what they say is solidly canonical and what isn’t.

2.) Star Wars: A day on Alderaan


Lets start with this, it would be the most depressing film but I want to know what were the people of Alderaan up to on that fateful day. Were there people plotting against the empire? Perhaps Alderaan literally had no problems with the empire (Although that’s doubtful.) What was going on in the minds of the people that day. Did anyone know the Death Star was a even a thing? If so how were those people reacting to the situation and if they knew about it how did they plan to stop it? If that is the case then I think a good solid story could be made on this despite knowing its depressing outcome. Its been a successful endeavor before. (Looking at you Halo: Reach.)

Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]

3.) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


I’m not going to go into a ton of detail about it (Because spoilers don’t need to happen), but for anyone who has played through the series, which is available in the Apple App Store and Steam for those who haven’t yet played it, but its perhaps one of the best stories in the now defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe. The characters and story while dark, would definitely be a great series to tell of the history of the Star Wars Universe and the saga of the battle between the light and dark side of the Force

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

4.) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Just the first one….the second one was terrrrriibbbllee)


This game was the story of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, which already was a great idea for an entry into the Star Wars Universe to begin with but ended up becoming an origin story for another crucial part of the saga. It was also retconned but is still one of my favorite stories in the lore and I would love to see star killer’s story played out on the big screen. I’d like to see how it would play out in the new canon especially given that Ahsoka is a thing and I want to know how or if Starkiller and Ahsoka would have met and what would have happened.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed – Xbox 360

5. Star Wars: Darth Maul (Sith Arising)


Darth Maul a lot of fan service that literally brought him back from the dead which goes to show how much people liked him and it would be awesome to see a film adaptation in the current cannon of how he became a Sith in the current Star Wars universe and how he ended up meeting up with Palpatine and the factors that fueled his decision to be a Sith…and ya know…more Darth maul double bladed lightsaber action.

Star Wars Clone Wars – Season 1-5 [Blu-ray]

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