By Jerry Maynard

Continuing on our recap of last weeks tremendous amount of news from E3 we reach the topic of one of the major players of gaming from the start (no pun intended) Nintendo. Nintendo has introduced many of us to video games and also been the one who is not afraid to do some weird stuff and go out on a limb for what they believe in. To many, this seems to be what NIntedo did with their E3 conference this year and some were left excited and some left quite displeased. Personally while a couple of things were odd to me on the choices of what to unveil or start working on, I saw a number of gems which I think will be great because its Nintendo for pete’s sake. I originally hated on the Wii U but soon after realized my mistake and now play mine more than all my other game systems combined. So without further ado lets Hit on a few of their releases

Mario and Luigi: Paper jam.


It’s a mashup of Paper Mario and the Mario and Luigi series.: two Marios and one Luigi. Sounds weird but probably going to be a lot of fun given how good Mario games have been as of late and Paper Mario is definitely a favorite for many so despite the oddness I’m gonna give it a shot and probably have a lot of fun doing it.

Metroid prime federation force and Metroid Prime Blast Ball

metroid prime

This game was critically a let down but definitely a show of Nintendo trying to take some bold moves to expand the metroid universe beyond just Samus aran. Federation Force is a Mission based four player co-op game focusing on four members of the federation and Blast Ball is sort of like space soccer with lasers and guns…But there are mechs! You sort of create your own roles with each of the characters in that you only can equip your mech with so many upgrades due to weight limits. This means you can equip yourself to be a healer focused by carrying energy tanks and such or maybe a tank focused mech by equipping enough super missiles to make even Meta Ridley think twice before landing on the same planet as you. Is it gonna be weird? Yeah. Could it be so weird it ends up being good? Definitely a chance but if nothing else it opens up the universe of metroid for more games and stories. And fans of Metroid Prime know how good that can be in the long run.

Alright we will bring it in STAR FOX ZERO


This is yet another reboot of the original star fox BUT it looks sweet. The controls are rather strange but the goal is to make you feel as immersed into the cockpit of the Arwing as possible and you know what, that’s fine with me. It looks good as a game visually, not like as great as Smash bros on the Wii u but still a step up and not losing its original feel from the 64 game. The Arwing now transforms into a walker while the tank transforms into a speeder. There seems to be some sort of helicopter vehicle which could lead to some interesting control mechanics, but all in all its probably gonna be loads of fun and nostalgic for all of us who grew up playing the original over and over again.

Mario Maker


You get to build your own Mario Worlds!!!!! You can send them out online for people to download and play! AND There is amiibo compatability for more than just Mario! Wii fit trainer and Kirby leave skins that can be hidden in mushrooms on the level to grant new skins with various changes in the way Mario moves in game. But seriously you can design these levels to several templates between original Super Mario bros, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros U. If nothing else it will challenge your skills at Mario games beyond memorizing all the layouts of a level in that each level you download will almost never ever be the same as the one you played before it. Lets just hope they don’t change the rules of gravity on us again (Looking at you Super Mario Galaxy.)

A few other releases to mention are

Yoshi’s woolly World

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Fire Emblem Fates

SKylanders Superchargers

Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes

Earth Bound Begginings

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

All in all while some the release seemed odd Nintendo also has a good habit of giving us more info on future releases periodically through the year than most companies do and honestly between Mario Maker and Star Fox I think ill be good for a while, Heck I may even get into Fire Emblem or Xenoblade once more information is released on those!

Remember, Always look for piranha plans before

jumping down pipes!

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