Game of Thrones Finished Its Most Uneven Season Yet

  When the final credits rolled I sort of sat on my couch and let out a short, quick sigh. This was what all this buildup was about. This was what 67 episodes, 62 hours, or 3770 minutes had built to. Spoilers for season 7 will follow.

Bannerhood Without Brothers:GoT Episode 6 Reaction Show

Holy poo poo cakes…Episode 6 was insane! And the Bannerhood has you covered. Joey was victorious in his bet with Chelsea. We now have an Ice Dragon!! Lots of theories and break down for one of the best episodes in the series history. (bwb): Play in new window | Continue Reading

What We Know About Pathfinder: Kingmaker the Video Game

  At the 3rd day of GenCon 50, there was a panel of the upcoming Pathfinder Kingmaker game. Led by Alexander Mishulin, he went over the basics of the new game, it’s goals, and how much it would remain the same, and different from the original Pathfinder Kingmaker adventure path. Continue Reading

Battletech is a Daring Tabletop Adaptation for the Ages

Harebrained Schemes (HBS) arrived at GenCon with the latest update to their game, Battletech, which included the demo for the single player mode. Battletech, as a property, has a long and storied history. It’s only fitting that the man who created it, Jordan Weisman, is the one at the helm. Continue Reading

MetaArcade Previews Adventure Creator Platform at GenCon

  Last year, a small startup from Seattle, Washington showed up to GenCon with a prototype and a dream: to be the destination for artists and writers to bring their stories to the world. They developed a software which allowed creators to write and bring in art and music into Continue Reading

Pathfinder Online Is Finally Coming To The Masses

Paizo, on the opening day of GenCon, had an open meeting updating the current state of the Pathfinder MMO. Lisa Stevens, the CEO of Paizo led the frank and informative discussion about the history, current status, and future of the MMO. She began this by bringing up the first meeting Continue Reading

Peaceable Kingdom And Their Cooperative Board Games For Children

With GenCon kicking off today, Indianapolis and the House That Peyton Built have become flooded with the most hardcore and experienced of tabletop gamers, myself included. GenCon is truly an adult toy store, from meticulously-created miniatures and dice to thousands of out-of-print and rare cards for the biggest TCGs. Hidden Continue Reading