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How to Beat Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

Starting today, Niantic will theoretically be sending the first batch of invites out for their EX raid feature. This battle will currently feature a showdown with the one and only Mewtwo, whom has been teased ever since the first trailer for the game was revealed. To help you prepare, we have constructed a list of Pokemon who are best suited to take down the tremendous foe.



This probably goes without saying, but Tyranitar should definitely be on your list of Pokemon to consider bringing into battle with Mewtwo. Not only does it hold a Dark type advantage against the foe, but it also has one of the highest attack and defense stats in the game, making it a strong combatant who probably can also take a few hits. Note that I said probably. This is because while Tyranitar does resist most of Mewtwo’s attacks, there is one attack that will absolutely shred the rock Dinosaur. That attack is focus blast. In case you haven’t seen it yet. Focus blast is a Fighting type attack with a base 140 attack power that will absolutely destroy Tyranitar due to its double weakness to fighting if it takes a direct hit from the attack. Since there is no way to know what attacks Mewtwo will have at its disposal before entering the battle, Trainers should prepare for this contingency. I advise doing so by bringing along …

Pinsir! Pinsir along with a few other bug types will be some great heavy hitters for the battle against Mewtwo. Mewtwo is weak against bug types and also has zero attacks that are super effective against Pinsir. Pinsir also has an incredibly high attack for a base Pokemon with no evolutions. At a base attack of 230 and with X-Scissor and Bug Bite at its disposal, Pinsir is sure to be able to take a fair chunk out of Mewtwo’s health bar before being knocked out. Pinsir also happens to be much easier to catch than a Tyranitar as well, making it a valuable addition to your team.

Should you not be able to find any Pinsir around, Scyther is another bug type that could prove to be a valuable addition to your team. Its not quite as strong as Pinsir in the attack department, given that it only boasts an attack power of 218 but it still boasts all the same resistances as the previously mentioned bug type and also can know the bug moves Fury Cutter and X-Scissor, which both hit Mewtwo for super effective hits. If you can manage to find a few, Scyther can also prove to be a valuable asset to your team

Scizor, while one of my all time favorite Pokemon, could prove to be a valuable ally against Mewtwo but doesn’t resist everything the Psychic powerhouse can throw at Trainers. It manages to resist most of Mewtwo’s attacks fairly well but Focus Blast also proves to be a threat against Scizor due to Steel type Pokemon having a weakness to Fighting types. Fortunately, Bug type naturally resists fighting types so Focus Blast won’t be as effective as it would against Tyranitar but it will still take a fair chunk of damage from the attack if you don’t dodge it. Scizor also has the moves Fury Cutter, X-Scissor and Night Slash, which all hit Mewtwo for Super Effective hits. You may want to opt out of bringing Night Slash along though since Scizor wont benefit from a Same Type Attack Bonus with that move.


You may be wondering why I did not list Gengar on this list. This is because while Gengar does hit Mewtwo for super effective hits, almost every move Mewtwo has hits Gengar for super effective as well and Gengar is not known for its ability to take a hit.




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