The official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas is now in full swing. To kick off the events, CBS has actually put props and art on display from their upcoming series, Star Trek Discovery. This is actually somewhat of a surprise, as last year Paramount neglected to promote their new movie on Star Trek’s fiftieth anniversary. CBS, however, appears to have learned from their mistake. That being said, most of this stuff was on display at San Diego Comic Con. Nevertheless, these artifacts have actually given us a little bit more info about the new Klingons than previously expected.

What are they?

It appears that the Klingons we see in the first two trailers,( you know the ones that look like space Orcs,) are from a specific house – The House of T’Kuvma. This is apparently a house of ancient Klingons we’ve never seen before, who pay homage to Kahless, (as any good Klingon should). Their stylized armor and weapons and ships pay tribute to that ancient aesthetic, and based on the descriptors, these Klingons may be genetically older than the more well known Klingons of past series. Based on the image released of Kol of the House of Kor at STLV17, it looks like this is just the way the new Klingons are going to look across the board (bye bye Klingons from the hardest core planet of the galaxy. Enter Space Orcs).

T’Kuvma, their house leader, is on a mission to reunite the 24 great Klingon houses. This is the Klingon we see most heavily represented in the trailers for Discovery.

What about the Federation?
Based on the concept art we can confirm that the Discovery is in this show (in spite of how camera shy it seems in the trailers), and the concept art has so far been the best look at the new ship, which does appear sleeker than what we saw in the first teaser a year ago. And although the uniforms are totally different from what we say in the original series, the tricorder and phaser are spot on. Check out the slideshow for all our pics.

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